Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Holla !! Its been 2 years oledi kiki :P

Holla to all readers who i believe may have accidentally click on something which leads to this blog. Hihi! I bet all the followers have unfollowed like 2 year ago.

What brings me here is because i miss rambling blah blah like tiba-tiba. And i havent buy new diary yet, this butt is so berat for me to go and buy one. So here i am, writing new post, yg mencari bagai nak rak mana laaa button new post. The interfaces have changed a bit, or is it me who are nyanyuk.

2 YEARS ! Wow! Still cant believe the blogspot people has not deleted this blog, tp baguslah, so i dont have to create another new blog.

2 YEARS ! Many changes happen to me, and of course, the most obvious one, is my percentage of fat, it has increased by 50% which make all people who havent see me for a long time, in awe yang agak tak beragak. Besides that, i should also highlight that my height increase by 1 cm which is something that should also be proud of, because i never thought that i would get a chance to potong my tall male cousins back. HEHE. And then, my emotion. HEHE.. Well, these two years, lemme tell ya.. being left out, BACKSTABBED teghuk paghuk by my lovely pretty friends really affect me. It turns me to be totally different person now. But i believe this is Allah's plan to make me remember him, to make me more matured. And like what my mom said ""

So hari ni mak enon saje nak bercakap merepek sikit. Well, this is what happen when you are in semester break. When your mind does not have anything to think of, hence terpikirlah cerita merepek. Whats worse, you start to remember all the old memories especially the bad ones. And then, you start to torture yourself, feeling insecure, and down down down.. But thanks to Allah, despite being down, my appetite has not decreased at all. And thats funneehhh... Shouldve decreased a bit, so that these drumsticks have the chance to move freely without carrying excessive burden.

Anyway, before i end my post. i would like to say HEY GUYS !! Its good to finally write something here. And I will write again tomorrow abt my sis, since besok nak usha gamba wedding my sister. HEHE Toodles !!