Sunday, January 22, 2012

everytime i miss him

every time i miss him
every time i know that by any minute he can love someone else
every time i really want to tell him that i like him too

i always pray to Allah
may He give me strength
keep giving me guidance to do what's right
and stop me from doing the forbidden

because i know
this is Allah's will
He's the one who set up his feelings
He's the one who set up whether this guy is really for me
n that's why
insyaAllah, ill try not to go beyond limitation
tho Im certain that my heart would only be his :')

#copied ;)

What the caaaaakkkkeeee

hey readers :)

just now i had watched this tv program, something called luxury bla bla..
its abt the most luxurious, expensive things exist in this world

so there is one thing that REALLY REALLY caught my attention is


YESSSSS PEOPLE !!!! believe it or not,
this shiny thing is actually a CAKE !
even the name sounds yummy huh.. i wonder what does it taste like
this cake is one of 10 most expensive deserts in this world (I bet you can expect that)

and fyi, the gold topping is REAL GOLD OKAAAAAYYYYY~~
who knows
maybe once u have eaten it, ur face will shine like gold too.. hihi
so women2 out there
no need for u to pakai susuk, sakit
this way is better.. hihi
boleh kenyang lagi

but still for muslims,
we cant eat it
because according to Uncle Google

"This royal repast made black truffles; French Polynesian vanilla beans; and pears, apricots, quinces, and figs that have spent years marinating in Jamaican rum. The cake is covered in 24-karat gold leaf, and served in a handcrafted silver box."

so if u are interested,
u can go to Istanbul bebeh ;)
Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

semuanya WORLD okaaaaayyyy~ kelaaaaaaaaassss sangat !!!
dear my future hubby, tolong lah bawak saya kalau ada rezeki.. tak dapat makan, dapat tgk pon jadi la.. hikhik ;p

My Mr Romantico Chris Brown is back

i found this song
the one with no rap
only his nice voice
haiyyaaa~ manyak cair ohhh
this song is actually one of his new songs
the one in his new album F.A.M.E
mmg layan habis, nak-nak time tengah angau ni
ok.. baiklah Sabrina Amran, jgn merepek dah
enjoy this song dear readers ;)
hope u like it

Saturday, January 21, 2012

dear guys :)

girls aren't always going to talk to you first. We don't like starting conversation because we like to feel like you want to talk to us. We feel like the wait was worth something. We feel like you've waited for us like we've waited for you. The number one reason why we hate talking first is we hate to seem needy or clingy. Cause to us, being needy and obsessive just pushes guys away. And no girl wants that.


hey there.
you know what?

after two months learning web html,
its kinda weird to finally understand half of the coding of my blog here
before this i only 'copy and paste'
dont give a damn abt the content


its creepy tho -___-'

Saturday, January 14, 2012


happy hour :)

aaaaaa~ its been a long time since my last update.. sudah manyak rindu blog maa~ too many things happen these days, so tak tau nak update yg mana.. n terlalu panjang nak cite.. lenguh nnt nak type...

well, people.. so before ni, update saya selalu keluh kesah pasal uitm seri iskandar kan? so nak bg fair, i want to write abt the best part so far that happened to me.. hihi..

first adalah time MGT class.. we have a refreshment every MGT class.. so ada satu time, every group were given one video song and we needed to dance just like in that video.. lucky us, we got Bruno Mars's song-Today I dont Feel Like Doing Anything and we got best top 3.. ehehehe... actually first place tp malas la nak brag... HIHIIHIIIHII~~~ :DD

Second, time tangkap gamba kelas :) yang ni paling seronok sbb saya plg suka tangkap gamba.. weeee~~ best sbb cameraman ada sediakan prop for candid photos.. so these are the results :)

ape2 pon, i just wanna share u something abt what have i learnt here.. u mite think that it was hard, but if u keep on tawakkal to Allah, insyaAllah the good things will come right after, just for you :)