Friday, February 26, 2010

berjaya!!! ;)

seriously today will be the most memorable day ever. haha. well, i managed to bring sarah home safely from her school at subang jaya. muahaha.. how cool is that? for ur information, actually i just passed my driving test yesterday... haha. kira gempak la jugak kan? not to forget.. thanks to my advisor for willing to accompany me n sharing some 'side parking' tips. honestly i am pretty bad in side parking -_-'

well, i got my P license today, sharp 3 o'clock in the morning :) n it felt really GREAT!!! thanks to my parents, encik rafie, n of course cikgu mizi. i will never forget all of u for sure. so the minute i stepped out from the office,,,,, i really couldnt stop myself from smiling proudly. yeah! feels like wanna show off my P license to everybody, the glory that i've been waiting for since i was standard 1, when i was addicted to DETONA (game car at arcade).. too happy -_______- until.. i bumped into someone who was the last person on Earth that i wanna meet.. especially at this time, on the first day i got my license.... on the way to my car, i found two abang polis were busy writing surat saman. what the ****?! at first i really thought damn i was in hot soup. saman on the first day u got P license?????!!! tragic gile. so i rushed to my car, n fiuuuuuh~ thank God x kena. -.-" so ape lagi... cepat2 cabut. LEGA........................

suddenly, on the way out, i got call from sarah, asked me to fetch her. cuti maulidur rasul kan.. haish! ape lagi.. TIME TO BRING ON THE HEAT.. dah ada lesen, minyak full tank, touch n go ada 20 hengget.. redah lah highway tu 120km/h.. MUAHAHA... baik punya. thank God jam tak terok sgt. everything went smoothly n frankly speaking, i enjoyed driving more than i enjoyed sitting next to my mom at passenger sit. haha ;) n Alhamdulillah we're arrived home safely. kiki. :D

Thursday, February 25, 2010

im really sorry

dear friend... im really sorry for neglecting ur calls.. i noe.. i shouldnt do that. i just dun have the guts to meet u. just so u noe that i feel guilty n hoping that i can turn back time. i mean the first time we met, we were really ok.. but then, i dunno whats wrong with me. myb bcoz i was too shy. coz u're so like THIS ONE GROUP... haha. seriously, till now, i still dunno whats wrong with that group. its just,,, couldnt work on me. :( sorry sangat. i shouldnt do that. please noe that im really glad u called me. n hope that we can meet again :')

Friday, February 12, 2010

talkin about LOVE

i noe, i noe. V-DAY is just around corner. n i bet everyone now has started sneaking out, make an 'illegal' meeting at kedai mamak to get some fresh air before the day comes.

the boys are sitting around, discussing n planning something... getting some new fresh ideas... or perhaps, stealing idea kawan yg tahun lepas punya.. which is smart. haha. "ko nak buat ape dowh? aku x tau nak buat ape dah." "how about ko buat mcm aku tahun lepas. amacam? awek kita bukan sama pon." SENGAL! ;D

while the girls.. they really cant wait for the suprise... sharing every details of what they have been dreaming all these while, which i think... must be about a month ago, n started to add up something day by day. hoping, with cherry on top, that they will come true. kiki. so-called GIRLS! ;) (yg ni x sempat nak psg telinga ;P )

well, that's the reality. altho there are so many news come out about cheating here, cheating there nowadays.. but still, it doesnt really affect V-DAY this year. thousands ringgit will be spent out n all luxury restaurant for sure will be fully booked. n there it comes. the rite time to get some profit.

presenting LOVE DETECTOR... jeng jeng jeng.
actually that is my main topic
how can people believe with this thing?
seriously, does it sounds logic to u?
i mean with just few clicks, n suddenly poooooof!
"oh! he's really into u. yeay!"
what the?????
well, at first i thought it was for free.
but then....
30 cent??!
gila apa... $@#&!^%

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

found u, mr daud drogba!

yeah! i forgot to tell u guys! hahaha. last friday, i sent my lil bro to mosque nearby for friday prayer. well, i parked myvi in front n waited till he finished. so, on the way back, i found this one pak hitam, wearing black robe n white serban on his big head, who looks SERIOUSLY like chelsea's didier drogba. can u believe it?

Ya Allah! i really want to thank You for this. it was the happiest n unforgettable moment in my life. well, i wasnt day-dreaming for sure. because even farhan n his friends were with me. he really looks like drogba. ini betol2 bukan cobaan.

well, i wonder whether he's married or not. i mean, he's physically perfect! he's muslim, he looks like didier drogba, a bit smaller than drogba, perfect teeth like him, tall, smart-looking. PERFECT! wooooohooooo~ i am REEEAAALY GLAAAAADDDDD to found you, mister! cant wait for the next friday. hopefully, we can meet again, dear mr daud drogba. ;) amin......

honestly, i dunno why i like this guy. i just,, LIKE.


its been so long since my last entry. hehe. i really have no idea what to babble about. since i left my school, my brain now has become totally rusty n seriously 'damaged'. n i bet if this continues, soon it will 'burst' out just like volcano. n of course... together with my tummy which has always been filled non-stop with kinds of things. buuuuuuuuuurb~ so to all my friend! pls dun be so shocked whenever u see me after dis. i may turn out to HIPPO but im still the same SABRINA. :D so till we meet again... byE!