Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Holla !! Its been 2 years oledi kiki :P

Holla to all readers who i believe may have accidentally click on something which leads to this blog. Hihi! I bet all the followers have unfollowed like 2 year ago.

What brings me here is because i miss rambling blah blah like tiba-tiba. And i havent buy new diary yet, this butt is so berat for me to go and buy one. So here i am, writing new post, yg mencari bagai nak rak mana laaa button new post. The interfaces have changed a bit, or is it me who are nyanyuk.

2 YEARS ! Wow! Still cant believe the blogspot people has not deleted this blog, tp baguslah, so i dont have to create another new blog.

2 YEARS ! Many changes happen to me, and of course, the most obvious one, is my percentage of fat, it has increased by 50% which make all people who havent see me for a long time, in awe yang agak tak beragak. Besides that, i should also highlight that my height increase by 1 cm which is something that should also be proud of, because i never thought that i would get a chance to potong my tall male cousins back. HEHE. And then, my emotion. HEHE.. Well, these two years, lemme tell ya.. being left out, BACKSTABBED teghuk paghuk by my lovely pretty friends really affect me. It turns me to be totally different person now. But i believe this is Allah's plan to make me remember him, to make me more matured. And like what my mom said ""

So hari ni mak enon saje nak bercakap merepek sikit. Well, this is what happen when you are in semester break. When your mind does not have anything to think of, hence terpikirlah cerita merepek. Whats worse, you start to remember all the old memories especially the bad ones. And then, you start to torture yourself, feeling insecure, and down down down.. But thanks to Allah, despite being down, my appetite has not decreased at all. And thats funneehhh... Shouldve decreased a bit, so that these drumsticks have the chance to move freely without carrying excessive burden.

Anyway, before i end my post. i would like to say HEY GUYS !! Its good to finally write something here. And I will write again tomorrow abt my sis, since besok nak usha gamba wedding my sister. HEHE Toodles !!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


hey peeps
i cant believe today is the end of my second week here in Shah Alam..
and as usual, assignments had already been given
Maths, system -_-

my system lab assignment is i need to interview a company, get the information abt their system
to tell you the truth, i never have any kind of communication with any people that have kinda important position in any company..
never been in an interview.. senang kata, tak pnh ckp bahasa skema la.. paling skema, bila ckp dgn lecturer je la -_-
seriously, the first and foremost reason i chose computer science, is because i thot my job would only be in front of computer.. maybe only a few times i will talk to my colleagues (more to gossiping maybe :P) and that is all..

until today, all the expectation suddenly pppoooooooffffffsss, disappear with disappointment..
NOT AT ALL YE SABINA.. you will need to discuss the requirement.. you even need to present what you want to do.. you need to ask what do they want.. bla bla bla... aiyoo yooooo~~~

but of course, just like my lecturer said it will not be fun to not have any communication in your job... and almost all job in this world require you to talk.. however only one job that my lecturer said will not require you to talk at all, IT IS TOLLGATE GIRL... all you need to do is just stretch your hand out, collect the money and give change.. some more, she said that it is one of the job with highest suicide among workers.. is it really true? die ni saje kot :P

still, whatever it is, i have no choice but to do it.. pretend that im brave enuf to say something... you know what am i actly afraid of.. if i ask something stupid, questions that the interviewee will be like "what?", "haaaa???"
help me dear Allah... haihhh~

Monday, March 11, 2013


hey peeps..
rasa mcm lama tak menghadapblog ni... hehe..

anyway, this one week sangatlah meletihkan dan menyerabutkan..
it was my first week in UiTM Shah Alam as Information System Engineering (ISE) student after 5 months bercuti menanam anggur tak buat ape, menggumpal habuk dalam otak..

dan seperti biasa, this first week rasa macam seluruh tubuh badan jam... dgn otak nak process, kaki nak mendaki bukit tonggek, tangan yang mcm baru belajar menulis, terketar-ketar...
minggu ni banyak benda kena buat...

but still, ape2 pon, daripada nak meluahkan rasa tak puas hati, tolong lah tahu betapa bersyukurnya diri ini sbb akhirnya ada kwn baru.. hehe.. seriously first three days, jalan sorang2 kot mcm org takda life.. budak SI takda sorang pon yang amek ISE, so mmg saya sorg je la yang takda geng... adoooiii~ budak campus lain semuanya mcm dah berpuak.. but Alhamdulillah, sekarang ni  ada la teman, kena buat muka tak malu menyelit.. hihi.. new classmates, new roomates, semuanya new.. kalau tak, hari first asik2 lekat dgn Emma, Qusya..

ANYWAY U'OLLS, my classmates or should i said, my future project group members semuanya pakai tudung labuh okaayyy.. hehe..
rasa mcm sejuk duduk dgn dorg.. memang takkan mengumpat punya la.. haha! itu lah, Allah suruh bergaul dgn org2 mcm ni, mmg terpelihara akhlak.. insyaAllah orang doakan org pon akan berubah jadi mcm.. amin.. insyaAllah ill upload our photos together ek.. hehe.. rasa mcm nak share pulak.. dorg ni comey2, sejuk la mata memandang ;)

so far, most of our lecturers are quite friendly.. and as usual, all are female lecturers... so hopefully senang la nnt nak rapat, bodek2 sikit nak dapatkan markah lebih.. TEEHEEEE.. pastu ada la jumpa balik lecturer2 masa diploma dulu... ESPECIALLY SIR AZDI... my most favourite lecturer of all time.. haha! maybe those who read my last last post, you would probably know him... he was my Linear Algebra lecturer yang tidak berjaya meluluskan hampir separuh budak kelas saya.. nampak sopan sikit kan? haha! i still remember my pimples mmg satu semester tak pnh kurang kat muka ni.. anyway, its an old story.. tapi org nya still handsome mcm dulu jugak.. nak2 botak sekarang ni, mmg nampak sexyyyyy ;) hahahaha! i wonder if he still remember me.. kena buat2 terserempak ni.. kiki..

so yeaaahh!! i think thats all for today.. ill update more tomorrow.. till then :D

have a nice day people !!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

gotye and rumpelstiltskin

this is gotye (the one who sang somebody that i used to know)

and this is rumpelstiltskin form once upon a time..

dont you think they look the same? -_- what makes me suddenly think of this? yesterday, Emma and I went karaoke at Superstar.. while she sang this, suddenly poooppp it crossed into my mind... this scary face looks familiar.. haha! dont you think the same?
well, im sorry.. i know i have made my blog like a tumblr.. but just wanna share this with you guys.. i think this post will only last for few days.. until it reaches my limit.. the rumpelstiltskin is quite scary to me -_- it looks like evil clown T_T

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


believe me, inside my head, i really want to burst everything here.. unfortunately, my hands dont feel the same.. besides, it is not good to keep complain.. let bygone be bygone.. aiceyyy ! *tangan kat bahu, mata ke atas

although i am still thinking abt how bad i did in MUET Speaking this morning, i do feel relieved that it is finally over.. well, not completely over.. what i mean is i dont have to meet anybody anymore.. after this, it would be only me and paper.. hehehe... paper tak response ape2.. so better la kot dari orang...

anyway, on the way back to my car, (i did my muet test at secondary school) i met my Biology Form 5 teacher.. when i gave my salam to her, she just answered and barely recognised me... seriously la kan.. do i really look different? is my size way too 'different' than before? haha! actually my teacher said is because im getting taller (thats good to hear :p) and i wear braces.. hehe.. "saya dah takda gigi dracula dah cikgu :P" my teacher could only laugh... it was good to see her, looking good, maintain slim although she already have kids... haha! muhasabah je la yang ko mampu sabrina oi..

i wanted to take pictures, but i was too exhausted which i didnt know what really did i do to make me feel like collapsed.. probably too nervous, too much pressure.. i think i looked like someone who just got fired, and bought 12 inch subway's italian beef to regain my sanity.. haha!!

well, it already happened.. i can only pray and now, targeting for other papers !!
USAHA LAH ! *instead of fighting or caiyok :P

p/s : feels like listening to rock song.. let me share you one of my favourites.. its a malay song by Monologue :) enjoy peeps !

Monday, February 11, 2013

9 hari lagi T_T




hye bloggie :)

i just watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part2 just now :)
haihh~ i missed this movie so much..
especially The Ginger Family :)
guess what people, its already more than a year since it ended :')
i can still remember the day i watched Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone with Hazim when we were Form 1.. haiihh~ kami membesar sama2 dengan movie ni :3 anyonyonyo ~ haha!

i plan to keep these Harry Potter movies in my lappy until all my children watch them.. haha! *excited jap
with hope that this lappy wouldnt make any trouble of course.. janganlah masuk virus worm beluncas bagai -_-

well, we do not know how their childhood movies would be like in the future...
probably more like spy kids version, with all the gadgets...
or maybe "NEVER SAY NEVER" version younger Justin Bieber...

memang mcm

anyway, here are some fun gifs that i want to share with you guys ! enjoy ! :)


Lets get lost tonight on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/51543949/via/pusky

sometimes i wish Dato Sahol wears like this.. HAHA!


miss them? me too :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

mandi wajib

there's something that i want to share with you guys.. its an article about mandi wajib shared by my friend, Min at facebook... i know its quite long... tapi serious korang kena baca.. 

Mandi wajib yg betul….. Mandi wajib merupakan perkataan yang mudah disebut, tetapi jangan terkejut jika dikatakan banyak umat Islam di tanahair kita yang tidak sah mandi wajibnya kerana tidak melakukannya dengan betul.

Untuk melakukan mandi wajib yang betul, seseorang itu tidak boleh melakukannya dengan hanya mandi secara berdiri atau duduk mencangkung sahaja. Sebaliknya, ia mesti dilakukan dalam kedua2 keadaan bagi membolehkan seseorang itu meratakan air ke seluruh anggota badannya yang zahir.

Penolong Pengarah Bahagian Dakwah, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), Uztaz Haji Mat Jais Kamos, 49, menegaskan, bagaimanapun, berdasarkan pengalamannya sebagai bekas kadi di Pejabat Agama Islam Gombak Timur dan penceramah, didapati banyak umat Islam yang tidak mengetahui perkara ini.

“Akibatnya, mandi majibnya menjadi tidak sah kerana tidak memenuhi salah satu rukun mandi wajib iaitu meratakan air keseluruh anggota badan yang zahir. Apabila mandi wajib tidak sah, ibadat yang dilakukan oleh seseorang itu juga turut tidak sah. Itulah akibatnya jika tidak melakukan mandi wajib dengan betul,” tegas beliau ketika ditemui di rumahnya di Taman Sri Keramat Kuala Lumpur .

Mandi wajib yang juga sebagai mandi junub atau janabah tidak boleh dipandang ringan oleh umat islam. Setiap orang yang mlakukannya mestilah mengetahui dan memenuhi rukun2nya. Jika tidak mandi wajib seseorang itu tidak akan sah. Rukun mandi wajib ada 3 perkara. Pertama, niat. Kedua , menghilangkan najis di badan.Ketiga , meratakan air keseluruh anggota badan yang zahir. Niat mandi wajib: “Sahaja aku mengangkat hasar besar kerana Allah Taala.” Atau ” Sahaja aku mandi wajib kerana Allah Taala.”

Niat itu di dalam hati dan ia hendaklah disertakan ketika air sampai ke mana2 bahagian anggota badan. Bagi perempuan yang habis haid, niat mandi wajib ialah: ” Sahaja aku mengangkat hadas haid kerana Allah Taala.” Manakala bagi perempuan yang habis nifas, niat mandi wajibnya ialah: ” Sahaja aku mengangkat hadas nifas kerana Allah Taala”.

Niat itu jika dilambatkan atau ketika seseorang itu memulakannya selepas dia telah membasuh salah 1 anggota badannya akan menjadikan mandi wajibnya tidak sah. Oleh itu dia mestilah memulakan kembali niatnya ketika dia mula menyampaikan air keseluruh anggota badannya. Sekiranya dia berniat sebelum air sampai ke badan, niat itu juga tidak sah. Oleh itu mandi wajibnya tidak sah.

Mengenai rukun mandi wajib yang ke2, iaitu menghilangkan najis yang ada pada badan , menurut Ustaz Haji Mat Jais, menurut Imam Nawawi, jika kita ada najis di badan, najis itu boleh dibasuh serentak dengan mandi wajib. Ertinya membasuh najis dengan mandi itu boleh disekalikan.

Sementara rukun mandi wajib yang ke3, iaitu meratakan air ke seluruh anggota badan yang zahir , meliputi kulit, rambut dan bulu yang ada di badan, sama ada bulu2 yang jarang atau lebat. Jika rambut seseorang itu ditocang atau disanggul, sekiranya tidak sampai air ke dalamnya, tocang atau sanggul itu wajiblah dibuka. Bulu2 dalam lubang hidung pula, tidak wajib dibasuh kerana dianggap batin. Tetapi sekiranya, bulu2 di dalam hidung itu bernajis, ia wajiblah dibasuh.

Mengenai kuku pula, jika di dalam kuku ada kotoran yg boleh menghalang sampai air ke badan khususnya di bahagian bawah kuku, kotoran itu wajiblah dibuang. Membuang kotoran di dalam kuku itu pula boleh dilakukan ketika sedang mandi.

Tentang rambut yg diwarnakan pula selain inai, inilah yang merumitnya. Sebenarnya jika rambut seseorang itu diwarnakan dengan pewarna selain inai, mandi wajib seseorang itu tidak sah. Oleh itu, seseorang yang mewarnakan rambutnya dengan pewarna selain inai, jika dia hendak mandi wajib, dia mestilah membuang pewarna pada rambutnya terlebih dahulu. Tetapi untuk membuang pewarna itu pula bagaimana?.. Inilah yang rumitnya. Sedangkan pewarna pada rambut itu sebenarnya tidak boleh dibuang begitu mudah.

Yang menyebabkan mandi wajib orang yang menggunakan pewarna pada rambutnya tidak sah kerana pewarna itu akan menyalut rambutnya yang menghalang air sampai ke rambut. Ini berbeza dengan inai. Inai sebenarnya akan meresap ke rambut, tetapi pewarna pula akan menyalut rambut menyebabkan air terhalang ke rambut.

Tetapi dalam hal ini, jangan pula ada yang salah faham. Sebenarnya pewarna itu jika dikeluarkan sijil halal oleh JAKIM dan sekiranya pewarna itu tidak bernajis, bukanlah bermaksud menjadi tidak sah. Dalam hal ini, sukalah saya menyatakan bahawa sembahyang dan mandi wajib itu berbeza. Jadi, mestilah dipandang dari sudut yg berbeza.

Dalam hal ini juga, sukalah saya menyatakan, huraian mengenai rukun mandi wajib seperti yang telah saya nyatakan ini adalah merupakan perbezaan sah atau tidak mandi wajib. Jadi, ia perlulah diberikan perhatian yang lebih oleh umat Islam.

Mengenai sebab2 seseorang itu wajib mandi wajib pula, Ustaz Haji Mat Jais menegaskan, sebab2nya terdiri daripada 6 sebab. 3 sebab melibatkan lelaki dan perempuan iaitu kerana bersetubuh walaupun tidak keluar air mani, keluar air mani dan mati. Manakala 3 sebab lagi hanya melibatkan kaum perempuan sahaja, iaitu keluar darah haid, nifas dan melahirkan anak(wiladah) .

Mandi wajib boleh dilakukan di mana2 dengan menggunakan air mutlak sama ada air telaga, air paip, sungai laut dan tasik. Bagi pasangan suami isteri yang bersetubuh pula, mereka tidak semestinya mandi selepas bersetubuh, tetapi diwajibkan mandi ketika ingin beribadat.

Selepas bersetubuh pula, jika ia dilakukan pada waktu malam, jika tidak mahu mandi wajib, seelok2nya ambillah wuduk sebelum tidur itu adalah sunat, manakala tidak berwuduk sebelum tidur adalah makruh.

i am totally surprised abt this, especially abt niat.. how particular it needs to be.. i thot we can niat before mandi wajib just like solat.. people said that after taking wudu', if we have niat on our way to sejadah, it considers done.. what should i do now? -_-
what do you think?