Wednesday, December 31, 2008

trip to singapore

one word about singapore, MODERN-LOOK. well, my fam n i went there last sunday. n the trip was ok. we went to pulau sentosa, fountain of wealth, n many more. as compared to malaysia, singapore is thousands times cleaner than malaysia. yeah! i cant doubt that. even the facilities provided are suerb good. overall it was satisfying. cey, mcm ape je.

but other than that, i would say malaysia is better. hehe. sorry! especially when it comes to shopping time. x tau lah. bt myb bcoz we're malaysian kot. so the price is a lil bit wooooow for us. kalu nak bli, mst kena kira dl. haha. the place pon quite same. but still, whatever it is, at least i have this experince right? myb u should visit singapore sometimes. it's fun, n it only takes bout 10 hours to go all around it. hehe. promote negara org plak.

n there's another thing about singapore. this country is too strict dowh. takot aku. even our tour guide ckp mcm tu. tambah plak, i found this shirt, it wrote, "SINGAPORE IS A FINE COUNTRY. NO FINE, NO SINGAPORE. yg lg best nya.. SINGAPORE, FULL OF FINES. EVRYTHING IS FINE." smph klaka. but it's true. coz, it's so hard to find people breaking the rules. x da gerai, no stall, no warong. huh! so x da lah nmpk bdk melepak kat tepi2 ni. ish3. looking at this situation, now i noe how lucky i am for being a malaysian. yeah!

cute lil angel

sng btol nak jmp keta mewah kat cni

the snowman doesnt melt at all. miracle, isnt it? bole lagi pgg buku.

time ni tgh naik cable car. haha. my dad is afraid of height. so nak x nak, kena lah ttp muka. kiki.

bus to duck tour. what a quackalaking!

cool huh?

seriously, aku lupa gle nama tmpt ni. tp cam aquaria lah.

jellyfish. blub blub...

this is called hai-wan

pulau sentosa

london bridge

mengundang dowh. ala2 bollywood movie. kiki. bulu2.

layan ombak.

before we go back

that's all for now! bye!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

abang yo dah kawen!

hey there! we meet again. its been a long time huh? well, i was in johor bahru, attending my couz's wedding. so no time to write blog lah. hehe.

hmm. i was enjoying myself so much there. especially when it came to shopping time, coz there were too many shirts n shoes that suit me (or should i say 'fit'), n the discounts were up to 70 percent, man! gile kentang! haha! u should come n visit johore sometimes, coz it's such a beautiful place in malaysia.

so, back to our main topic; about my 'lovely' couz yg plg aku tabik dlm dunia; ABANG YO! seriously! i cant believe dat he's already married! haha. but still, congratultions abg yo! happy to noe dat there's a woman who can actually turns u up like that. what i see is like, DOCTOR HOUSE suddenly turns into elvis presly. scary, man! all this while, abg yo never fails from bullying people around him. baik wanie, yana... suma org lah. mcm2 benda, ada je dlm kepala otak die tu... aduh! but never mind. since he's the only superb genius, doctor among our family, so everybody just have to accept his 'funny' lil jokes n laugh as long as they can. harharhar...

so the akad nikah n malam berinai was on 26th dec, while the next day was majlis bersanding.
akad nikah time!
with tok kadi. shahmi, the hot tissue boy. huahuuahua..

after that, we're all having our breakfast outside. sdp gle asam pedas die. tp plik ar. pg2 buta mkn asam pedas. but never mind lah. rezeki perlu ditarik.

wani, yana, faan (big teeth) n me

shafii's family. i noticed dat there's one aunty who appointed to wani lah. i guess, diorg dah b'kenan kot nak jd kan wani menantu. haha.
btw, wani is the blue one.

bersanding plak!

aku x phm btol motif, pengantin laki kena dok dl kat luar sblom die masok. adoyai! pastu plak, there were about four tolls, i guess, where the bride had to pay one riggit (kot) before he could get in. starting from the gate till the stage. huh! sampai b'peluh ayah chik (a.k.a mr shafii)
kesian ayah chik..

abg yo n kak zarikh <3
again! shafii's family

umi n abah kat meja vvip.. woohoo...

alah suweeeeeeeeeeet nya! time ni mmg suma org bantai gelak. sbb mmg x bole bla!

overall, it was very fun. sempat plak gi dnga bay. haha! we ride tricycles, bicycles, playing games at the arcade n funfair... hooooooo... senang kata, everybody was having fun! ;)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

kawen kawen


mawi n ekin.
kak aza (my neighbour) n hubby.
last but not least, our ex-hotty bachelorette in smk tmn melawati,
semoga bahagia hgga ke anak cucu.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

sori yana!

yana! na slh jwb soalan! hahaha.. x pa. tpksa lah aku jawab gak..

1.what is the relationship between u n him/her
my youngest sister

2.ur 5 impressions towards him/her
-gedik n mulot kepoh
-genius n bijak mengugut abg nya (but i like dat. at least faan learns.)
-matured n kdg2 bole diharap
-she cant stop talking. (pok pek, pok pek)
-pembuat air ribena yg sdp

3.the most memorable things she/he had done for u
buat air ribena utk aku. tu je bnd baik yg die reti buat. (nape aku plh ko dowh?)

4.the most memorable things he/she have said to u
"nina gemok!"
mmg best kena sebijik. mmg memorable btol!

5.if he/she become ur lover, u will...
lover?..??? die kan adek aku... aku x phm ar.

6.if he/she becomes ur enemy, u will...
x mau lah gadoh. air dicincang takkan pts. tp ko ni mmg tmpt aku gadoh lah. x bole nak bla.

7.if she/he become ur lover, he/she has to improve his/her...
lover? sumbang mahram + lesbian.. astaghfirullahalazim

8.if she/he become ur enemy, the reason is...
kan aku dh jwb. aku x mau enemy lah!
9.the most desirable thing to do on him/her
buat air ribena..(x hbs2 ribena aku ni...%^&%&^%^&)
10.the overall impressions about him/her
adik yg sgt b'tuah kerana dpt kakak mcm aku.. muahaha. ada skit org nak ajar ko. do you think people around u will feel about u?
hormon x tetap. sbb kdg2 aku gile. tp bl dah mrh, hulk pon bole lari. haha tp kdg2 pon aku kolot gak. tah lah. aku pon x phm.

12.the character of u for urself is?
mulot x bole thn. gemok n garang. tp kekadang bole lah m'gila thp gaban. ikot season ar.

13.on contrary,the character that u hate about yourself is?
mengumpat, x loyal kpd rifhan :( , bohong bile dah t'sepit, pelupa... haha

14.the most ideal person that u wanna be is...
of course, m'contohi nabi kita. tp mcm mustahil sbb aku sgt lemah.
mcm iwan kot. my couz. tah ar. cam tenang je. dgn falsafah nya. haha ;p

15.for the people who likes u, say somethin about them...
like?! welcome to my life!
teruskan m'undi saya. AFUNDI SABRINA.. muahahaha.

16.people to tag...
soalan ni pnjg sgt. so aku x tag spe2. t'seksa aku jawab. 2 hari tau.

17.who is num 2 is having relationship with..
tah ar. aku dgr die suka ketua darjah die. alah bdk2. salu nya ketua lah plg hot kat mata diorg. tp mamat tu hlg gigi 2 btg ar. smph aku x phm! @#$%^&* no 6 is male or female?
perangai mcm male. tp die female.

19.what is no 1 studying about?
2+2.. mcm2 lg lah. syllabus darjah 1 ar.

20. is no 4 single?
single lah. sape nak die?!!!! ????

21.say something about no 3
ape kejadah soalan nih?! drpd 1-20, org nya sama je lah. @#$^&*

p/s: dear yana! ..ada ques yg aku x jwb. sbb mls. hehe. btw, aku x phm lah soalan yg akhir2 ni. t'keluar otakaku nak pikir

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

saya jawab

dear yana! dgr lah jwpn ku.. muahahahaha
1.ciri lelaki idaman anda
*suka buat lawak bijak n x bodoh
*cool n x control macho
*sng nak ajak bual
*matang n pikir waras
*b'iman, of course
*ala2 rupert grint n will smith
*selekeh skit :)
2. ciri laki yg x pernah anda minati
*x phm bahasa
*handsome sgt (cam menakotkan je)
*bulu2 (muahaha... big foot namanya)
*x tetap p'dirian
*romantic cam elvis presley (oh tidak!)
3. perasaan anda sekiranya keluar dgn org yg anda suka
(~soalan x bole bla..)
*seronok, of course
*flying~ over the moon, baby! huhu
*senyum sokmo lah :D (cannok gi tol)
4. tempat istimewa yg ign dilawati b'sama psgn anda
*tamang tamadong islang
*suma tamang lah (p/s :taman)
*taman depan rumah (x da lah mak bapak aku syak sgt
5. brgn istimewa yg akan anda hadiahkan kpd si dia
*kasih syg (blueks)
*surat cinta kowt..haha..
*poem sonnet 18
*seluar petak2 buat tido
6. tajuk lagu yg akan anda nyanyikan utk psgn anda
*built to last (aku main gitar skali..ko tggu lah)
*dialah di hati
*i dun wanna miss a thing (wah! pitching baik pny!)
*aku cuma semut merah (huahuahua ;p)
dat's all, i guess.
yana! why u askin me about all these? *curious
pape pon, soalan in aku tag kan kpd aza, emma, esah n nabil. hehe.
pls answer all the following quess. thank u... ;)

auntie rani miss yana!

auntie rani rindoo ko
smph klaka!
blk nnt aku cite ek

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

goodbye RIFHAN!! :(

dear rifhan
hope u dont forget me
no matter what u do or where u go
i will never ever forget u
all the stories n the pain
i'm goin to miss dat moments
please forgive me for all my mistakes
i dunno why
guess, i'm gonna miss u so much dear
wlpn geli hati aku nak sebot, tp ni btol2 bukan cobaan
keep the 'stars' dat i gave u
ssh tau nk 'petik', pusing pny pusing satu mall tu, kan aza?
btw, thanx for everything!
p/s : jgn comment gamba ek. time ni msh 'muda' lagi. btw, rifhan yg baju biru tu... hehe..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

my dreamssss

these few days, i keep thinking about my future. my job, my own house. i wonder how does it looks like... kalu lah ada bola kaca kat dunia ni.

seriously, if u look at my results, i dun think there's a bright future for me. hmm. guess, i have to be close with mr books from now on. altho i noe there's no chemistry between us, just hope dat our 'relationship' will turn out well. geli gle ayat. muahahaha.. anything for my dream. oh dream! please come true! amin!

firstly, i have to pass my driving lessons no matter what. so dat i can go out whenever i get bored... it's a MUST

SPM! this is when i need mr books.
study habes! haih! aku gerenti, thn dpn mst tension gle pikir psl benda nih... harap dpt jaga kewarasan aku.

this will be my part time job when i'm in university. blaja smbl jalan tgkp gambar. wah! this one is also a MUST.

ACCOUNTANT. my ambition since i was a kid. altho i hate sitting in the office n listen to someone, guess i have to stick with it no matter what, coz math is the only subject that i like. math, not add math. huh! life! nothing is easy. everything needs a hard work. but one thing about accountant, get ready for my new, big spectacles. 0_0 kiki

after all the hard work, i will make sure dat i'll travel around the world. kalu gaji bagus, myb once three years. start dgn yg wajib, pegi buat haji dulu. then goldcoast, aussie. wah! must be fun.

hope these come true. i'll try my best no matter what. just pray for my success! ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008


today, lets learn about japanese language! huahuahua...

anata wa kawaii - you are so cute (mcm aku..muahahaha)
anata wa kirei - you are pretty (guys! u need this. hihi)
ane - my older sister (haha. aku igt anne mamak tu. kalu mamak; ane-abang)
ani - my older bro
asatte - tomorrow
aisukiriimu - ice cream (my fav)
ano ne - hey!
aku - evil (evil?! malaysian; aku-me or I... so kira aku evil?)
bakageta - silly
adoresu - adress
atsumarimasu - gather, meet
anata no - yours
anata no tame - for you
anata no tomodachi - your friend
kin choo- tension
ruigo jisho - thesaurus
haburashi - toothbrush
taberu jikan - time to eat
eigo ga dekimasu ka? - do u speak English?
kaimono - shopping

wah! enough lah! so! if u can remember all these, it means that atama ga ii desu (you are smart!) ;) huhu! omedetoo gozaimasu! (congrats!)

p/s : i dunno why i choose this topic..???.. x pe lah. nmpk blog b'faedah skit. anyway, i hope u enjoy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

riddles :D

1. There were 3 men that jumped off the same diving board. The first 2 men got their hair wet and the third one didn't. Why?

The third man was bald.

2. Why did the tree blush?

He saw the nature strip!

3. What did the digital clock say to the grandfather clock?"

"Look, Grandpa. no hands!".

4. What did one snowman say to the other snowman?

"Do you smell carrots?"

5. What do you call a deer with no eyes?

No idea (no eye deer).

6. Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?

Because he had no body to go with!

7. Why was the math book so unhappy?

Because it had too many problems!

8. What is another name for a very small phone?

A cell phone.

9. Why did the boy throw butter out the window?

Because he wanted to see the butter-fly!

10. What is the difference between a pumpkin and an orange?

A pumpkin is orange but an orange is not a pumpkin!

11. Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 8 9. (8=ate)

12. What's a witch's favourite subject?


13. What kind of key doesn't fit in a door?

A donkey!

14. What's as light as a feather, but even the strongest man on earth could not hold it forever?

Your breath!

15. Which mountain rests forever?

Mount Ever-Rest!

16. Why are there fences around cemeteries?

Because people are just dying to get in!

17. What is black and white, black and white, black and white, black and white, black and white, and green?

Five penguins and one pickle.

haha! salute to these kids who had came out with these brilliant riddles. seriously, it's not easy to make peoples laugh. huahuahua.... (ikhlas nih!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

balik kampung

hello there. we meet again. these 4 days, i was in terengganu. so, mcm mls nak tulis blog. hehe. many things happened when i was there. huh! bad news... good news... all came in 1 day. dapat bedebush je. adoyai!

6 dec : bad news! there was a landslide in bukit antarabangsa. where my future-house is. oh! sedey nye nak taip. kiki. so i guess, bye bye future gazebo, bye bye future-room, bye bye bilik wardrobe-yg besar-bapak-sampai-bole-tido.... but thank God, Allah showed this before we move. or else.... but seriously, i feel pity for the victims. bedebush! rumah hilang cam2 je. 4 people died n 14 bangloes ranap. (am i spelling it rite?) horrible! but still, only God knows. myb there's benifits behind this tragedy. we can only pray for their goodness n happiness.

n then, jam pulak kat kemaman. dah lah hati dah ranap, kena pulak dok dlm keta berjam2. dlm keta pulak, x hbs2 dgr lagu klasik fm dgn berita psl bkt antarabangsa. hayya! bole jd gila oooo....
13 hours sitting in the car. wah!

7 dec : at first, goyang kaki je sbb x da kawan. but then, wani came with her fam. so hilang la kebosanan thp gaban. 2 hours later, trah plak came up. well, dah suma dtg, tetiba, we made this one forum between couzs, aged 16 till 21, in suyani's room at the back. hahahahahaha. best gle. we talked about shahmi's girlsss, yana my sis, trah's school, ghost story, n lastly about 'OUR LOVELY, CUTE, HANDSOME COUZ'. the last topic was the longest. there's a fight, cry scenes, pukul dgn bntl lah, mcm2. kiki. but we're okay. kan hazim?

8 dec : selamat hari raya aidil adha! so pagi2, we ate nasi dagang n ketupat pulot. yummy! then ptg2, pegi lah tamang tamadong islang pulok. asal nya, tak emboh ikok... sbb faang, nak tak nak, kena lah ikok gok. payoh lah anak laki sorang ni. suma nya pakak (pakat) kena ikok. gitu lah.

at night........ my couzs n i went to PANTAI BATU BUROK. we bought food at A&W nearby and had our picnic at the beach.
couzs who joined in :
SHAHMI, WANI, trah, halimi, iwan, abang mi, ima, sera, hazim, faris, along n me.
our activities :
eat, chat, ngorat awek kat pantai, main ngan air then main teka teki. lbh krg cm2 lah.

on the way back, igt nak tgk mak nyah kat bndr tapi x da rezeki nak tgk. lupa plak yg nyah pn nak raya gak. hayya!

at about 2.30 am, we went back home. tapi tetiba, ada plak makhluk Allah yg lapar. so mlm2 tu wani msk utk diorg. smbl tu, mama kasik tazkirah kat trah. haha. lps suboh baru lah tido. bgn2 suma mata dah lebam.

9 dec : balik rumah, without faan n eja! peace! the end.

p/s : takziah to esah n imah! be strong ok?

Friday, December 5, 2008

nina! tabah ek?

dis one is to '1st' nina (melawati):
i just heard about him from emma.. tabah ek? u still have 'wan' right? ;P dun be sad!

dis one is to '2nd' nina (lembah keramat):
dun be sad ngeng! i'm sure u'll forget him one day. dun let him hurt u. there's no use. and btw, dun go to his page. never ever go there. do u understand me? btw, call me asap.

p/s: be strong for both of u. anything just call me. btw, thanx for trusting me. smph terharu gle dowh!

sincerely from dr cinta... (muahahahahaa)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


huhu! finally! i've already watched twilight yesterday with emma. best gle. it just dat, cite ni cam ada gaya cite 'twins effect' skit lah. but of course, this one is better. i love the part, when edward sitting with bella's dad. waiting for bella to get dress. haha. they were funny. overall, this movie is totally kickin and crackalaking. altho the cut was sooo obvious. huh! i really hope i can find man like edward. n live in a house like dat. wah! mst sihat dn subor pny. kiki. ;P u noe what? i think i wanna make friend with a vegetarian vampire lah. wah! then, he'll protect me wherever i go. kiki. ni kena upah abg2 sedara aku kacau aku ni. mst cam terharu gle. hmm. if he get killed plak, i think i wanna 'siat' his skin. wah! n dry it under the sun. so dat i can sell them. wah! janda kaya oo.. ada calon handsome x?

happy december

hey there! happy december. hehe. i noe it sounds weird but it seems dat dis month, on dis year is kind of 'disenagi' by everybody. especially the stars n the moon. coz i've never see them 'acted', like dat before. well, what happened was, on 1st december this year, i mean last monday, there were two stars n a crescent, forming a happy smiley at the sky. of course at the sky. huuh! i saw them with my own eyes, seriously! i tried to capture it, but it was too late as they were 'running' from me n hiding behind the mountain. so i guess tak da rezeki lah kot nak tunjuk kat korg. hehe. u noe what? i think, myb bcz they're happy to celebrate raya haji kot. haha! wah! kambing! mkn kambing! lamb chop satu!