Monday, June 29, 2009

prom night... wooooohooo...

PROM NIGHT! its like hot burning stuff in my school rite now.... hihi.. two groups are competing each other just to attract us to go to their prom night.. kiki.. good spirit.. keep it up.. just now, all students form 5 were given an invitation card.. it was from amirah tan's group... mmg sumpah smart gle card die.. ayoyo! saya banyak suka.. altho i noe my mom isnt going to like it... but still, i can feel the HEAT of that day... ayoyo! but of course, it will be great if it's reserved ONLY FOR US, MELAWATIANS... not with other school.. mana bole?! x bole, xbole... but then, it's still too early to decide n hopefully they will agree to combine... ayo! i just dun get it.. what's the problem? why so fussy? just combine lah babe.. TOLONG LAH! then it will be easier for all of us.. the fee will be cheaper n that prom will be merrier.. wah! i just can feel the heat! muahahahahaha... i loike! ;)

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