Friday, March 25, 2011

down down down

1. im not perfect

2. i never say that im good.

3. i hate when you guys said
"ye la! ko kan pandai..", "sab mesti bole nye.." bla bla bla
"highest, highest!", tho im actually the lowest.. CAN U IMAGINE MY FEELINGS AT THAT TIME?!!! SO STOP IT, YOU STUPID!! haaaa~ kan dah klua..

4. i hate when people said that they put high expectation on me.. n expect me to be good.. tho i never said that im good... never knew that im good -__-' n when i got bad mark, they said it was because i took things lightly, felt like im good enuf ='( mcm shit! why must judge that way when im bad at it? n one more thing, cupcakes were seriously not the reason why i neglect my study.. sumpah tak!

5. my test marks were bad.. -__- all of them.. i failed one..

6. why must ask the reason i skipped class? tho the word "skipped class" was already obvious.. because i wanted to la -___-'

7. i couldnt even get the basic but my lecturer has already discussed about the advanced..

8. i dunno why he keeps on cari pasal with our class? seriously!! whats wrong with u ha?!

what a horrible terrible semester! -___-


yananana said...

sape cakap yang ayat number 4 tuh? huu. tape2. dun let ppl's words bring u down, nobodys worh your tears, and if they do, they wont bring u down :)

sabrina said...

my lecturer ='(
seriously i never thot that she put high expctation on me
i am WEAK in english =(

AkU bUdAk pRoGrAmMiNg!! said...

relax sab.....sape yg cri pasal ngn ko?azdi ke?
standard r 2....