Tuesday, July 19, 2011

day 12 : my current relationship, if single discuss how single life is *continued

maybe after talking to emma, i felt lazy repeating abt this love thingy.. but since im the one who want to take this challenge, so i still have to answer this rite...


I AM SINGLE, people! maybe some people pon akan ckp "takyah btau pon, aku tau.." hahah! tu la.. padan muka saya.. sbb tak jaga makan... well, what can i do... eating makes me happy.. so yeah! call me fat, but at least im happy *come on la sabrina amran.. ni loser je ckp mcm ni -__- sigh~


however people... tho im single, i am Dr Cinta for most of my friends... sometimes they share their love stories with me... n of course as friends, i advise... then lama2 i become their Dr Cinta... hahah! perasan je aku ni :P

listening to people's love story however sometimes makes me a bit paranoid.. suddenly i feel like becoming overprotective... feel like being ABANG LONG in my family.. but still, i noe i do have to chill a bit coz everyone makes mistakes... besides its part of life rite... bukan semua laki camtu kan? *ye la tu -.-

but then, still, i guess thats the only matter that i found a bit difficult to accept.. saya tgk org sedih, org menangis, rasa mcm pffftttttt~ nak tumbuk mamat tu... thats why sometimes i just think its ok to not have boyfriend.. daripada menangis sbb org yg tak berguna, buat ape?!!! yeah! saya sgt menakutkan -___- still ape2 pon, i just hope theres a REAL guy out there who can proves me that im wrong ;) dun get wrong.. its not that i dun want or im not straight.. im just errrr~ scared maybe..? hehe

thats just my opinion.. im sorry if my words hurt u :P

however it doesnt stop me from liking this guy... dear ne-yo, xoxo
hahahah! gile! :P

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