Saturday, January 14, 2012

happy hour :)

aaaaaa~ its been a long time since my last update.. sudah manyak rindu blog maa~ too many things happen these days, so tak tau nak update yg mana.. n terlalu panjang nak cite.. lenguh nnt nak type...

well, people.. so before ni, update saya selalu keluh kesah pasal uitm seri iskandar kan? so nak bg fair, i want to write abt the best part so far that happened to me.. hihi..

first adalah time MGT class.. we have a refreshment every MGT class.. so ada satu time, every group were given one video song and we needed to dance just like in that video.. lucky us, we got Bruno Mars's song-Today I dont Feel Like Doing Anything and we got best top 3.. ehehehe... actually first place tp malas la nak brag... HIHIIHIIIHII~~~ :DD

Second, time tangkap gamba kelas :) yang ni paling seronok sbb saya plg suka tangkap gamba.. weeee~~ best sbb cameraman ada sediakan prop for candid photos.. so these are the results :)

ape2 pon, i just wanna share u something abt what have i learnt here.. u mite think that it was hard, but if u keep on tawakkal to Allah, insyaAllah the good things will come right after, just for you :)

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