Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Running Man Fever :P

waaaa~ blogspot now has new face wooooaaa~ haha! aiyo ! its been a long time since my last update *again!* heee~

i seriously have nothing talk about.. probably because of RUNNING MAN FEVER that i have rite now..

im sure most of you guys know abt Running Man... but still, for those who dont, Running Man is Korean Game Show, which i bet, once you watch it, u will definitely crave for the next episode. It is too damn crackalaking, funny.. You will surely laugh till your stomach burst. No kidding :D well, of course, except for those who have no feelings..

errrr~ actually, i want to confess something. I had once said to my friends that Korean is this and that, all sorts of negatives such as "Laki die mcm pondan." , "drama die asyik sama je concept." bla bla bla.. well, now i really want to say sorry for saying that, guys.. you must felt irritated hearing me say that.. hihihi.. but not anymore for sure !! coz rite now, i am really really into Korean game show.. heeee~ ;D every nite, i'll watch Running Man episode by episode till I get sleepy.. then continue it the next day.. hihihi... tak betul sudah ;p

and rite now, i cant stop typing running man, family outing or kim jong kook every time i surf the internet... tak kisah lah tumblr ke, youtube ke, ape2 la :D gila kan? jyeaaaahhhh!!!

so this is mostly what i do this holiday... really unhealthy.. im just so addicted to it :))

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