Saturday, March 7, 2009


i just watched 'changeling' with my family...n it is totally superb! it's about a woman named Mrs. Collins (angelina jolie) who fights for her son's justice, Walter.. she's been looking for her son who is missing quite long time, but then there's not even one policeman who cares about it. until one day, there's a lot of report about their missing children... this movie is based on a true story occured in 1920's..
mm.. honestly, i dun really like angelina jolie.. but then i cant deny... she is the most fantastic actress in hollywood.... especially when she plays as a darling mother..
so now, i proudly confessed that i did cried several times... muahahaha... x malu kan? even the only man in my family cried too.. kiki... so i guess, for those girls who really wanna see their boyfriends crying, perhaps you can try, asking them to watch this movie in a big screen... i dunno why, but i think this will work.. trust me.. n btw, dun forget to bring boxes of tissue.. hehe.. takot nnt seat sblh korang penoh ngan hingos... sediakan payong sblm hujan...

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An-Zurie Ayesya said...

haha..aku nak ajak ikhsan arh nnt...
kau xnk ajak pokjat ke?