Wednesday, February 10, 2010

found u, mr daud drogba!

yeah! i forgot to tell u guys! hahaha. last friday, i sent my lil bro to mosque nearby for friday prayer. well, i parked myvi in front n waited till he finished. so, on the way back, i found this one pak hitam, wearing black robe n white serban on his big head, who looks SERIOUSLY like chelsea's didier drogba. can u believe it?

Ya Allah! i really want to thank You for this. it was the happiest n unforgettable moment in my life. well, i wasnt day-dreaming for sure. because even farhan n his friends were with me. he really looks like drogba. ini betol2 bukan cobaan.

well, i wonder whether he's married or not. i mean, he's physically perfect! he's muslim, he looks like didier drogba, a bit smaller than drogba, perfect teeth like him, tall, smart-looking. PERFECT! wooooohooooo~ i am REEEAAALY GLAAAAADDDDD to found you, mister! cant wait for the next friday. hopefully, we can meet again, dear mr daud drogba. ;) amin......

honestly, i dunno why i like this guy. i just,, LIKE.

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