Friday, February 12, 2010

talkin about LOVE

i noe, i noe. V-DAY is just around corner. n i bet everyone now has started sneaking out, make an 'illegal' meeting at kedai mamak to get some fresh air before the day comes.

the boys are sitting around, discussing n planning something... getting some new fresh ideas... or perhaps, stealing idea kawan yg tahun lepas punya.. which is smart. haha. "ko nak buat ape dowh? aku x tau nak buat ape dah." "how about ko buat mcm aku tahun lepas. amacam? awek kita bukan sama pon." SENGAL! ;D

while the girls.. they really cant wait for the suprise... sharing every details of what they have been dreaming all these while, which i think... must be about a month ago, n started to add up something day by day. hoping, with cherry on top, that they will come true. kiki. so-called GIRLS! ;) (yg ni x sempat nak psg telinga ;P )

well, that's the reality. altho there are so many news come out about cheating here, cheating there nowadays.. but still, it doesnt really affect V-DAY this year. thousands ringgit will be spent out n all luxury restaurant for sure will be fully booked. n there it comes. the rite time to get some profit.

presenting LOVE DETECTOR... jeng jeng jeng.
actually that is my main topic
how can people believe with this thing?
seriously, does it sounds logic to u?
i mean with just few clicks, n suddenly poooooof!
"oh! he's really into u. yeay!"
what the?????
well, at first i thought it was for free.
but then....
30 cent??!
gila apa... $@#&!^%


Norfazliyana Zulkifli said...

of couse la wei
ape yg terpapar tu mmg dah di set dlm machine tu ;p

sabrina said...

benda itu BODOH!
aku baru dpt tau yg agak berjuta manusia main benda tu.