Sunday, January 2, 2011

rindu rinduan :')

I went to SMK Taman Melawati last thursday.. helping my brother; Farhan registered.. its been a long time since i left that school.. aicey! padahal baru setahun.. tapi setahun pon.. now im already 19, people! one year left before my TEENAGE life ends.. huh~ after that, there will be no more TEEN !

anyway, back to SMK Taman Melawati.. frankly speaking, i seriously dont like the idea of painting the school yellow goldish.. I think the previous one was better than now.. but maybe because the new principal loves yellow.. so YELLOW IT IS!! its not that bad tho.. but still, i just think its too WOOOOW! O.O

during registration, i met Cikgu Norma, my netball teacher.. yeay! i kinda miss her.. she's, of course, still as sporting as before.. and now that she knew faan, she asked my permission to 'belasah' him.. yeah! OF COURSE YOU CAN CIKGU!!!! PLEASE DO!!! he really needs it :p hehe..

while queuing up to buy Faan’s books, I happened to see form 5 students at bilik SPBT.. they reminds me of my friends in Melawati.. to be honest, I really really miss them.. benches at canteen, kaki lima at block E, in front of pak guard's house, in classes, Anjung, field.. all of them remind me of activities that i used to do together with my friends.. knocked the desk to wake aza and pija from sleeping during classes.. muahahahaha! drinking milo with Emma in the early morning.. chat with Alif.. he and his story :') wah! rinduuuu sangat :') laughing and gossiping with my qudus babes.. buat bising in lab and class with my Kreatif members :') playing netball together with Iela, Syira, Mira, Mimi, Che Nab, Natrah, Fatin, Hazirah :) aiyoyo! manyak rinduuuuuuu woo!

habis SPM!!! :)

reunion in ramadhan :)

the best class ever :)

miss u guys :')

three bestfriends :)


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