Friday, January 7, 2011

a starter of second semester

this semester IS TOTALLY HECTIC!!! our schedule is crazy, plus our classes are mostly in Intekma which is outside Uitm Shah Alam.. aiyo! and of course, it becomes crazier when im the only girl who didnt get college but i admit, that case, it was my fault.. huh~ all in one week.. these sudden news have seriously made my world turns upside down.. -_-

and one more thing, my lecturers are mostly young and good-looking which isnt really good for me.. because i realise that i become more interested in what they are wearing rather than what they are teaching.. how smooth her skin is, how fair she is, he is so cute when he starts to 'ummmm'.. HAHAHA!! to be honest, so far i didnt really understand what did i learn so far.. but maybe because, this is first week.. my brain still warms up and couldnt function well yet.. so yeah! just wait and see :)

so now, im staying in Hani's house, together with my couzin; Wani.. that house is PERFECTO!!! huh! thank God that i have her or else, i would have to go to and fro between shah alam and my house in ampang.. manyak penat ooo~ -___-

well, i guess this semester is going to be a lil bit tougher than before.. syllabus, accomodation, transport. fuhh~ to be honest, i think ive already started to feel like running away from Uitm Shah Alam.. hehe! but yeah! there's no such life without difficulties.. because difficulties of life are intended to make us better, not bitter :) so create as many difficulties as you can in order to make u a better person.. haha! :D just like me.. i forgot to apply for college at student portal, and now im college-less.. padan muka saya! but poor my dad! sorry abah :p i surely will apply immediately once it opens for next semester.. hehe ;p

btw, this morning, we had BEL (english) class.. our lecturer asked us to write an essay about our speciality.. uniqueness of ourselves rather than the others.. and u noe what? im talking about my dream car.. well, actually it connects.. but i think i wrote it in a wrong way.. i dunno how to explain it.. but what i noe is that it makes my essay seems to be out of topic.. haih~ i wish i could change it.. what makes me so concern is because she said she will read our essays, one by one, in front.. SO YEAH BABY!! i am stupidas! -__-

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