Thursday, February 10, 2011

hectic week! hoooorraaay!!!

UNLUCKY. the best word for this week..
first, i got 2 summons so far.. 2 weeks in a row.. u bet.. for two weeks, i felt like couldnt breath .. well, not to mention, they summoned me for stupid reasons..
  1. parking di tempat larangan(at least, i didnt block the road)
  2. parking di tempat staf (yeah right! obviously, 'PELAWAT' was written there..with capital letters some more! cant u read?!)
  3. tiada stiker kereta (well that one.. i admit.. my fault -.-)

but yeah! despite of these complains, i noe somehow it was my fault.. its not that i dun wanna use the bus.. but, imagine, everyday our classes are in Intekma, and three days, we need to go to Intekma and go back to faculty.. the bus doesnt stop at the Intekma.. it stops at Section 2, then we need to walk for another 20 minutes to get to Intekma.. fiuhh~ its tiring ok? dun care if u guys say that im such a spoil brat or what.. but getting a hectic schedule and bunch of assignments were totally enuf for me.. CUKUPPPPPP!!!!

second, quiz mark.. last monday, i just got my quiz mark and it wasnt really good. but i admit, it was my fault for not doing revision.. but then, just like what the 3 idiots said, what's more devastating was actually to see your friends getting higher marks than u and left u at the bottom.. HAHA! but of course, it was again my fault... tu la sape suruh bengap sgt kan? -__-

third, i just couldnt believe, the person that i visited during last hari raya; who i thot at first was an angel is actually the most evil DEVIL on Earth! what's worse is actually that person is a woman.. seriously! u noe what dear? just wanna let u noe that all of us have done a lot of prayers JUST FOR U.. u bet, woman!!!

and lastly, its about Ferra.. sometimes, im tired of having it.. -__- but i love driving it.. but im tired of having it.. but dun get me wrong, Ferra.. i still love u, but im just tired.. huh~ now i sound like an idiot -_____- im sorry, Ferra

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