Saturday, April 16, 2011

gonna miss them

despite all my naggings about this semester, i think im gonna miss my this-sem-lecturers so much.. seriously i think this semester was such a sudden electric shock for us because they were TOTALLY opposite to my last sem lecturers.. hehe.. HUGE DIFFERENCES between them.. especially when it came to homeworks ;) but yeah! i noe.. they did it for our own good.. coz i noe, from the bottom of my heart, it would be zero percent of possibilty for me to read or even open a book without anyone force me.. ZERO!! heee~ so, what's the precious thing abt them that im gonna miss so much? hurmm.. i would say THEIR TAGLINES!!!! ;D

  1. "MUET exams is much tougher than this"

  2. "Kalau jumpa ni, ape kita nak buat?"

  3. "Sebab tu kalau saya bagi examples, awak kena buat.. bukan untuk saya, untuk kebaikan awak jugak." he's just so sweeeeeeettt ;)

  4. "Sbb tu awak kena beli buku... ataupun cari bahan rujukan kat library.."

  5. "kita blaja bukan untuk CGPA tapi untuk ilmu."

  6. "Ala! ni senang je ni.. patutnya awak bole score kat sini.. senang sangat.."

  7. "What do you understand abt this? What's the definition?"

  8. "You're late!"

  9. "Alhamdulillah, pada hari ini kita dapat bertemu lagi.. dan seperti biasa, kelas kita bermula lambat disebabkan pelajar2 pon dtg lambat ye.. seperti biasa.." ;P sorry ustazah!

  10. "okeh! let me breath for a while.. pretend that im not here.. go do your own work.."

  11. "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnggggggg~~~" bunyi mesen rumput kat intekma.. ;P

  12. alah! takkan tak paham kot.. benda ni dah blaja time sekolah menenga dah kan.." -__-

arhhhh~~ im gonna miss these so much! :') at first, i have to admit, i seriously felt annoyed with some of the taglines.. but now, i guess they were all becoming my sweetest memories of this semester... HAHA! i bet we're (the girls) gonna bring these up again next semester ;) oh yeah!

so, altho i noe my lecturers wouldnt even know the existence of my blog, but still, i wanna thank u guys for everything and please forgive me for all my wrongdoings :) n may Allah bless u always.. XOXOXO :)

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