Saturday, April 2, 2011

inspired :)

for today's post, im not gonna write abt my university life again.. haha.. why did i say that? probably because i just realise that my recent posts were all abt my university life.. how hectic it was, how horrible... keeeeeep complain... yeah! mcm la aku ni bagus sgt kan? so starting from this week till end of semester, ill try as much as i can, not to mention abt my university life.. nooooppppeee! ;) TRY OK? so today, i wanna share with u guys something that i found kinda interesting.. things that i wouldnt expect to exist in a guy's room.. well, yeah! before i forget, sorry yek hazim.. for breaking in ur room.. heeee~ pastu sempat plak tangkap gamba.. heeee~ so ini dia... jenggggg~

(*buat bunyi doraemon sikit :P)

found it in hazim's room. actually im not sure whose writing is this.. but i think its his.. coz it looks familiar O_o

so basically its abt lessons that we can get from the story of Noah's ark :)

comel je kapal die kan? ;)

so what do u think? bagus kan? i like the ninth and last one.. coz those kinda relate to my life rite now... kira benda ni elok la nak jadikan percikan api dlm hidup ;)

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