Tuesday, May 17, 2011

marking English papers -.-

currently, im helping my mom marking English papers. so far, i managed to finish 2 classes n 1 more class left. its tiring !!! especially counting words in the Summary Section.. huh! i hate summary since i was in secondary school.. always found it hard.. n one more thing, i dun blame the students for getting bad marks coz the passage was BORING!!!! boring gila!!! it was abt pidgin English.. HISTORY of pidgin english... migrants, African slaves.. adoi la!!! mmg terbaik.. despite that, its still a good practice for the students.. because we never know what's gonna come out for SPM.. probably worse ! , but lets pray not ;D

so, there was one paper that made me hesitated. i need to think deeeeeeeepppply.

if u were in Lucy's position, would u be brave enough to fight a ghost and why?

Yes, because Allah controls all.

at first, i wasnt really sure how to mark this.. should i give it rite, or wrong... well, of course, we all know he is right. but then i have to mark it wrong coz it needs to be based on the incident.. so yeah! im sorry, boy.. u make me feel guilty u noe.. but still, i would say ur answer is the best (or paling selamat, i guess ;D )bagus buat jadi bakal suami ;)

if im not mistaken, four cousins of mine will sit for SPM this year!!! muahahaha! rasakan korg! padan muka! sabrina dulu lagi terok! TUJUH ORG !!!! TENSION GILA!! anyway, good luck! blaja elok2, buat elok2.. my prayer will always be with u :)

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