Wednesday, August 10, 2011

day 16 : a picture of someone who inspires me

that would be my mom :)
there are so many good things in this person

but one thing that i adore the most is her patience
biarlah org buat jahat kat die, she never lose her respect towards that person
she will act normal.. still smile... keep it in her heart or at least will only share it with her children, husband or sisters..
hati tak busuk..
tho sometimes i feel like punching that ppl, she

will always stop me and advise me not doing it... tapi mmg aku ckp kalau takda mak aku, haih~ kena sebijik aku rasa... yeah! im a bit emotional when it comes to my family... try me !
PATIENCE is the meaning of my name.. n Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me this person in my life to show me what is the meaning of patience...

my Umi :)

p/s : nape la die tanya sorg je -_____-'' btw, i like this question :)

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