Sunday, December 9, 2012

Islam is truly beautiful :)

just now, i watched Dr Zakir Naik show at TV Al-Hijrah..

there was this one woman.. a Hindu woman who is married to a Muslim man and she said she wanted to convert to Islam.. however, one thing that makes her unconvinced is she sees so many Muslims who behaves badly and do not fully adhere to Islamic teachings.. (yg tu agak terasa :P)

and what Dr Zakir Naik said

to see whether a religion is good or not, please do not see the followers of the religion.. but see it by discover its sources.. to see the beautiful of Islam, is not by seeing the Muslims.. but to read the Quran and the Sunnah, complete guides for Muslims to carry out their responsibilities as khalifah in this world.. just like a car and a driver.. to see the quality of the driver.. even though the car has the best quality but if you let a bad driver to drive it and later crash a tree, you cannot say that the car is not good... it is the driver's fault.. so that is why we need to look at the sources :)

beautifully sayings by him.. because to be honest, if I were asked that question, i think my answer would be "well, not all people are perfect.. people makes mistakes.. people often forgot.." cliche kan? hehe.. i bet most of you guys would say the same.. heee~

thats all for now peeps.. nite nite !!

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AkU bUdAk pRoGrAmMiNg!! said...

isk...isk..ko pon tgok gak erk...bagus2...boleh jadi bini org dah nie