Wednesday, February 20, 2013


believe me, inside my head, i really want to burst everything here.. unfortunately, my hands dont feel the same.. besides, it is not good to keep complain.. let bygone be bygone.. aiceyyy ! *tangan kat bahu, mata ke atas

although i am still thinking abt how bad i did in MUET Speaking this morning, i do feel relieved that it is finally over.. well, not completely over.. what i mean is i dont have to meet anybody anymore.. after this, it would be only me and paper.. hehehe... paper tak response ape2.. so better la kot dari orang...

anyway, on the way back to my car, (i did my muet test at secondary school) i met my Biology Form 5 teacher.. when i gave my salam to her, she just answered and barely recognised me... seriously la kan.. do i really look different? is my size way too 'different' than before? haha! actually my teacher said is because im getting taller (thats good to hear :p) and i wear braces.. hehe.. "saya dah takda gigi dracula dah cikgu :P" my teacher could only laugh... it was good to see her, looking good, maintain slim although she already have kids... haha! muhasabah je la yang ko mampu sabrina oi..

i wanted to take pictures, but i was too exhausted which i didnt know what really did i do to make me feel like collapsed.. probably too nervous, too much pressure.. i think i looked like someone who just got fired, and bought 12 inch subway's italian beef to regain my sanity.. haha!!

well, it already happened.. i can only pray and now, targeting for other papers !!
USAHA LAH ! *instead of fighting or caiyok :P

p/s : feels like listening to rock song.. let me share you one of my favourites.. its a malay song by Monologue :) enjoy peeps !

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