Sunday, March 17, 2013


hey peeps
i cant believe today is the end of my second week here in Shah Alam..
and as usual, assignments had already been given
Maths, system -_-

my system lab assignment is i need to interview a company, get the information abt their system
to tell you the truth, i never have any kind of communication with any people that have kinda important position in any company..
never been in an interview.. senang kata, tak pnh ckp bahasa skema la.. paling skema, bila ckp dgn lecturer je la -_-
seriously, the first and foremost reason i chose computer science, is because i thot my job would only be in front of computer.. maybe only a few times i will talk to my colleagues (more to gossiping maybe :P) and that is all..

until today, all the expectation suddenly pppoooooooffffffsss, disappear with disappointment..
NOT AT ALL YE SABINA.. you will need to discuss the requirement.. you even need to present what you want to do.. you need to ask what do they want.. bla bla bla... aiyoo yooooo~~~

but of course, just like my lecturer said it will not be fun to not have any communication in your job... and almost all job in this world require you to talk.. however only one job that my lecturer said will not require you to talk at all, IT IS TOLLGATE GIRL... all you need to do is just stretch your hand out, collect the money and give change.. some more, she said that it is one of the job with highest suicide among workers.. is it really true? die ni saje kot :P

still, whatever it is, i have no choice but to do it.. pretend that im brave enuf to say something... you know what am i actly afraid of.. if i ask something stupid, questions that the interviewee will be like "what?", "haaaa???"
help me dear Allah... haihhh~

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