Saturday, January 17, 2009

i'm so sorry

i'm having a bad day today. i just got fight with my best buddy. actually, it's not too serious. just dat i've finally told her what is in my heart all these two weeks. not even her faults. it's my problem. i cant get used to this new surrounding. i'm totally lost.

u see, i'm not a clever student. i'm not SEJAHTERA. i'm KREATIF members. n 1oa's is totally a big deal to me. anything to make my family proud. n shut people's mouth from comparing me with my big sis. yeah! how pathetic i am...

the worst thing is i have another 6 couzs who're at the same age wit me. n all of them are totally superb damn brilliant. argh! so u see. i got tense wit all these things. n every single time, i keep recall about my PMR's results. among the other couzs, i had the worst result. n my family. i noe deep in their heart, they really want me to score. but then, what happened? dissapointment, frust tonggeng... however they had to smile, just to make me happy. yeah! how did i noe about this? ada lah. so now, i have even bigger responsible then the last two years. again! competing with the couzs. SO!, can u see my position now?!

huh! sng kata, let the study time is the time for us to study. i noe, i'm not really good in sharing stories nor guys-talk.. so aku nak mintak maap sgt kalu kekadang aku rasa cam nak tkr topik ataupun aku t'emo. dear joyah, i noe it's be gonna be a lil bit awkward after this, but i really hope u can forgive me n understand my situation. SORRY BABE!

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An-Zurie Ayesya said...

takpa lah sabariah

semua itu lumrah hidup