Saturday, January 10, 2009

jumpa balik :(

guess, my luck doesnt last longer. again! satu klas ngan BUDAK BLAKANG lagi.. argh! smph tension. i dun care, whether they've changed or not... coz i really cant see their faces anymore lah.. that's what i pomise to myself before. now, i really have to forget about it.
kat klas ni plak... some teachers die okay, while some of them, bkn lah x ok, tp x clear sgt ape diorg ajar. but never mind. myb bcoz first time lagi kot. so i have to take it easy. bak kata PUAN MAIMON, my bm teacher plg rock pnh aku jumpa, "LOVE THE TEACHER, THEN U'LL LOVE THE SUBJECT"... n she's right. myb it just that, i need a lil time, to get used to this class again... huh!

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An-Zurie Ayesya said...

Love the teacher,
love the subject,