Friday, February 27, 2009

brain report

exam mode is finally on.. means that form 5 students must already master their form 4 syllabus as all of them will come out in their tests.. during the february test,we observed that majority students in class 5 kreatif looked very pale n tired... when we asked them, most of them said "banyak gle dowh kena baca.. smpi nak pecah pala otak aku.. aku tido lambat gle.. penat dowh.." so, based on this situation, i finally made my own report about the relationship between amount of subjects n the limit of thinking..

inference : limit of thinking is based on the amount of subject

hypothesis : when the amount of subject increases, the limit of thinking also need to be increases.. however, for certain students, who lembap like the students above, it is impossible to adjust, n finally cause a serious disaster called "kepala otak pecah"...

aim : to investigate the relationship between amount of subject n limit of thinking

manipulated variables : amount of subject, n
responding variables : limit of thinking, lot
constant/fix variables : the student

list of apparatus : that student's brain, my dad's panadol

arrangemennt of apparatus :
(mintak maaf.. saya malas nak lukis.. harap maklum..)

procedure :
1) start the experiment with subject = chemistry
2) switch on your reading mode
3) the amount of panadol tablet that the student eat is recorded by using my two hands on a piece of paper
4) repeat the experiment by using subject = sejarah, add maths

data tabulation :

3.30 pm ; sejarah-chapter 9 and 1 ; 2 tablets
6.00 pm ; chemistry-chapter 7,8 and 9 ; 6 tablets
9.00 pm; add maths-chapter 1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2 ; 1 bottle

explanation :
1) that student is the dummest person i've ever met... doesnt she know that eating a lot of panadol is not good for her health... adoyai! experiment ini sggh tidak benar...
2) last minute is strictly prohibited....
3) i do admit, combining chemistry, sejarah n add math tests in one day, is not crackalacking but crack-ing ur head..
4) however, it is for your own good. at least, u have already covered those chapters...
5)pecah kepala??! IMPOSSIBLE!
6)exam makes u 'awake'...

conclusion : hypothesis is accepted except for the 'pecah kepala otak' disease... we're human not mojo jojo (power puff girls)...


EmmaRaus. said...

hahaha, lawak gila dow!
aku sukaa!
lagi yg panadol tuh ;DD

An-Zurie Ayesya said...

great idea babe! aku suka

oohh btw aku print report kau nih untuk reminder sendiri :D

sabrina said...

credit to cikgu eqbal..
cikgu tusyen physics ku yg tercenta...

EmmaRaus. said...

aku pun cinta cikgu eqbal ;D