Sunday, February 1, 2009

happy birthday AZA!

*bday girl

*me n aza at the pool

this is aza.. my best buddy in melawati... a girl who owns a big, strong heart which turns her into a very kind girl... she has this leadership characters but quite clumsy sometimes.. the best part about her is,,, no matter how many times i scold her, she'll never ever scold me back.. besides, she respects me so much... thanks aza, n i'm really sorry if my words were too harsh... i bet she has thousands friends out there, coz she's very talkative n easy to-be-close-with... just name it, pahang, melaka, new zealand, german.. b'sepah-sepah kawan die... hmm.. ape lagi ek.. her ambition is always to be someone that can makes her mother prouds.. no matter how hard it is... yeah! that's what i respect about this girl.. she'll never ever give up in her life..

so... just now, about 3.30 in the evening, my friends n i were planning a suprise party just for her at the pool nearby her apartment.. so the CREWS who joined in : emma, yaya, imah, anis, aimah, esah, dzafiq, acap, n me, of course... so everything was okay, n the party went well, just like we planned... altho it was a lil bit late n quite CONFUSING, but Alhamdulillah, she was happy with it... fiuh! n bcoz of that i would like to give BIG CLAP CLAP CLAP for the crews..
muahahahaha... we finally made it... glad to have u all... thank u soooo much! (b'millions thousands hundreds tens ones) TAPI! one thing yang spoil btol mood aku time tuh,,, ada ke aku lupa nak bwk hadiah... mmg gasak ah... adoi! so, aza... ko tggu je lah hadiah ko smpi hari isnin ni ek... hehehe... tu je lah kot.. i went back early than the others n last thing i noe, acap mengundang gle, dah kul 4.15, baru ckp nak tmpg smbhyg... ish3..... kesian yaya!

so, AGAIN! happy birthday, aza! hope that ur life is thousands times happier than before.. n may u get 12a's for ur spm this year... yeah! lets work hard together... kiki.. (korg prasan x.. ayat yg sama jek.. kiki..)

btw, emma!!!!!! u're the best, girl... thanks a million for everything!

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An-Zurie Ayesya said...

aku punye cam paling pnjg jek!

thank u so much
aku syg kau