Thursday, May 28, 2009

muahhahaha! MAN. UNITED KALAH!

suka gile aku! glory for fc barcelona.... finally! i never feel happy like this... fc barcelona is irresistable team.. i never like manchester united since ronaldo joins in... mmg x bole bla mamat tu... kepada m.u fans, i'm sorry... but never mind, coz i'm superb happy... hihi ;P honestly, i didnt watch live match coz too busy studying for add maths... minggu exam lah katakan... tv kena sekat... so tgk ulangan pon jd lah... overall, i think PUYOL was the best player last night.. besides playing well, he often made ronaldo pissed off... haha.. the best part ;).. well, ronaldo! u have to face the fact that u're not the only actor in the field... guess, u have already found ur new competitor... kiki! :) for samuel eto n lionel messi, good job! cayalah! 2-0 babe! GO FC BARCELONA! muahahahahaha -___-

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