Wednesday, December 16, 2009

hey you,tuuuut!

when it comes to this thing, i am concerned. one thing i should remind u babe! if u wanna talk badly about me, just make sure that those people keep it. n dun let it 'enters' my ears. understand??!!why u did this to me? i thought we're so close. if u dun like it, why dun u just talk to me.. personally...

i remember that day. the day when i apologised for what i did, i heard with my own biggie ears, that u said it was nothing n it's just a misunderstanding. "it's ok. it's just a misunderstanding. i shouldnt say that. it's nothing, seriously! dun worry.". yeah! all ur acting, as if u forgive me n really dun mind. bullshit!

until one day, when i heard from someone, that this news was spread to all people. ALL! worst thing is, the people who actually involved in the topic that i foolishly babble. OBVIOUSLY kan?! no one noe about this before. it was just between u n me. why? u didnt really noe the whole situation sis, but the way u told them, as if u noe evrything. huh! oh yeah! i forgot.. this is the real u. always bring the craps n leave the truth behind.

i dun want to hate u. but this thing. it seriously makes me weak inside whenever i think about it. bcoz the truth is, rite after we talked, i seriously regret for what i did. i have witness, if u dun believe me. i want to stop babble about it. u noe what? i thank to God, at least i learn something. i should stop hearing all the bad stories n me myself, should stop hating n talk badly about people. especially our love one. i'm sorry sis. perhaps, i wont be the same sabrina that hoo haa whenever i see u next time.

i regret that i wrote this. but i couldnt stop. sorry! :(

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