Monday, April 12, 2010

facebook trend

its a bit funny when everywhere ure going, u find this sign "add us on facebook!".. rather than "come here" or "see you again!"... its everywhere now; shops, boutiques, restaurants, cyber cafe.. its like facebook now has becoming a trend.. hahaha...! but yeah.. no doubt.. its an easy way to connect with people... u can always update n tell everybody ur latest activities without any limit of time.. but then, do u really need to advertise it at ur shop? "ADD US ON FACEBOOK! BE OUR FAN!" huh? hmmm... suka hati kau la labu...

and theres one thing about facebook yg aku x sangka akan wujud.. i have a bit problem with KIDS nowadays... they are not acting like kids anymore.. can u imagine? theres one kid aged 6 added me on facebook...!!! what???!! frankly speaking, i think its a bit scary... its sad to noe that majority of them dunno how to be a normal kids anymore.. they dun play tinting or batu seremban, or baling selipar or at least have fun at the playground..

well, as for me, when i was a kid, i always played outdoor games together with my sisters n neighbours.. we totally had no idea about friendster, myspace or facebook.. totally blank about all this technology.. despite, we enjoyed playing masak2.. :) we were using leaves as plates, sand as rice, n rocks as the lauk... n u paid them with patels of flowers.. how cute is that huh? we were having fun.. REAL FUN! theres no such thing as "hahahahahahahaha".. when we met, we laughed out loud n it was far more joy than just reading the words..."hahahahahaha"?? sumpah x best... but yeah! its time to accept the fact.. except for my lil sis n lil bro.. cannot!!!!

btw, bye


Faz ! said...
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Faz ! said...

what i wrote b4 :
you're right..such a waste 4 not playing indoor games

indoor plak..outdoor la..thats why delete uh

sabrina said...

its ok...
aku pon nak tulis 'except' tp tulis 'accept'.. hahaha
tp malas nak betol kan..

Anonymous said...

hahha dulu outdoor, main msk2, mak2 la haha batu seremban sume..
rugi ah bdk zaman skrg niihh, xD

sabrina said...

tau x pe..
totally agree :)
takda life langsung