Saturday, April 24, 2010

stuck in reverse :(

before this, i didnt get it... why must people care about what their love one or friend feels? why must we bother, while them... they keep being pathetic, annoying ass hole n dun seem to even care about us at all.. why?

every night, Jay, my pretty girlfriend; would never fail called me, talking about her pathetic friend.. huh~
"die sgt annoying tau x? penat betol nak melayan die ni.. dah la gedik.."
" la.. aku x phm la ko ni.. tegor la die.. ape susah sgt?"

'bodoh!' my first thought about Jay when it came to this matter..

unfortunately now, it happens to me.. haha.. padan muka. sadly, i cant share it with Jay since i've lost her phone num. n i think she loses mine too. so x da dah la.. but then, im sure, if i had a chance to tell her, she will absolutely gonna laugh at me.. gerenti 100%! haha. LOL! :D

so pengajaran cerita ini ialah, kita tak boleh terlalu marah terhadap sesuatu benda tu, sbb kalau tak, ia mungkin bole kena kat kita balik.. haih~ renung2 kan dan selamat beramal :)

i miss u la Jay :)
especially ur non-stop babbles

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