Monday, October 25, 2010

nak sedapkan hati..

the fact that i hate u is getting clearer everytime i see ur face in facebook.. yeah! feels like wanna kick u away from my friends list.. what did u do? well, u made me feel bunga2 which ive never felt for almost 5 years.. heee.. ;p pathetic kan? but LIC !!

5 YEARS!! for ur information, those years, my hatred towards M was most likely undefined!! no one, not even my mom, could ever changed this feelings.. triggered by a history that happened in my life, n since then, nothing could ever change my perspection towards M.. there was at one point, when i was in melawati, my besties; Aza n Emma never dared to talk about their ehem ehem to me.. haha.. coz they were afraid that i mite be angry.. HAHA! how anti i was before huh? but not anymore, kan ma? aku dah baik kan? ;D
so yeah! NOW, its a bit suprising n im really happy to know that i still have this feelings in me.. prove that i am still a teenage girl.. n i am straight !! ;D HAHA! not mak orang! n not teeeettt.. but anyway, i just hope this will stop soon.. coz, you deserve better :)


EmmaRaus. said...

ye sab, kau dh open sikit dh skrg, aku dh tak takut dh nk cite kt kau dh. HAHA :D

An-Zurie Ayesya said...

siapa M ni? aku blur :(

sabrina said...

sikit je ma? ;D

male, man, mamak
ape2 la yg ko nk pk ;D