Saturday, October 23, 2010

long time no see :)

wah! its been ages since my last entry.. hehe... being in utim makes me a bit lazy to update my blog.. credit to AZA ! after listening to ur complain, ("asik2 bila bukak blog ko je, aku nampak muka mak ko.. huh! sab ni.. die tak update la tu.." ) i think i better update it :)

* So aza! NAH!!! Amek ko!!! Aku tarok gamba ko sejibik kat cni!!! Sorry yek. I curi gamba U kat 'muka buku' u ;p

HAHA!!! lately ni, ive been quite busy.. trying to force myself to understand what the hell did i learn in uitm.. after 4 months, i can conclude that :

  1. i think i have a chance to repeat my favourite account subject AGAIN!!!!! weeehoooo~~~ ;p

  2. the fact is that i still dunno what the hell is hard disk, RAM n segala menatang gadget which had been taught in my frst lesson.. :/

  3. i still dun buy prof khalil's programming book which is actually very important especially for those who need practice like me.. HEHE ;p

  4. gossip n story morry are the only things that i did in class..

yeah! u can call me whatever u want.. the fact is that I AM LAZY n i dun find any way to fix this problem.. thanks to my six sweety, my life has never been boring.. u guys even make my 'problem' getting serious day by day, especially when theres new hot topic.. thanks guys! ;)

*me n my six sweets :)
3 dah berpunya, 4 single ;)

hehe :D

so thats all for now.. lil update about my life in utim.. there will be more in my next update :) till then.. byE!! :)

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