Sunday, October 24, 2010

continue :)

story-telling continues.. hehe..


so far, i think my favourite lecturer is Datin Harbans.. hehe.. she taught us maths.. my favourite subject.. ngeee :D if u listen to her lecture for the first time, u would find her as a heartless person on Earth! seriously! hehe.. i noe that sounds a bit harsh, but it was sooooo damn fucking hard to see her smile.. coz every minute, every seconds, her face didnt show any other expression.. just -___- even her teaching tone is the same.. first time we (the girls) saw her smile, we seriously felt so HAPPY n EXCITED to see her big teeth.. :D n the joy of seeing her smile, till now, has never faded.. we still talk about it, n we still laugh about it.. yeah! how precious it is ;)

and of course, the most sporting lecturer in this world (aicey!!) , our PROF KHALIL :) yeah! tho i dun really like his subject, but he is the only person, who succesfully made me understand what is computer science.. which is very important for me since my course is OBVIOUSLY called COMPUTER SCIENCE.. but the best part was he often treated us.. there was one day, he asked us out after test n treated us supper at khulafa bistro.. we talked n talked n talked till 1 am.. mcm tak tau jalan pulang.. but IT WAS FUN!!! :) not to forget, semangat buying cakes for birthday boys n girls.. one whole secret recipi cake.. sedaaaaaapp :)


hurmm.. this one,, too many stories.. makes me a bit lazy to write about them.. hehe ;p

but what i would like to say is they are fun n i am glad to have them as my classmates.. especially girls.. so far, i have Fa, Wana, Aini as my gossip partner.. Ard, Qusya as my tutors.. n Ain as my borak2 partner.. hehe..

boys.. they're fun too! especially when it comes to presentations.. all their jokes have made the BK4 happening :)

overall, there are 20 students; 13 boys n 7 girls.. first time, majority of my classmates are boys.. hehe.. feels a bit weird.. but ye la.. computer science.. mana pompuan minat sgt -_-' because mostly, what girls noe about computer is facebooking!! ;)

hurmm.. thats all i guess.. haih! its already 2.30 now.. it means that today is SUNDAY, the last day of study week.. so far, i havent start anything yet.. pemalas pemalas pemalas! ;p but currently i am trying to push myself to, at least, take a look at my books.. so yeah! at least theres an effort kan? ;p baru part one dah camni... but the worst part is when i am home.. i think i cant even see my mom or else, there will be a very looooooongggg chat between us.. however, i have to admit it is quite hard to run away from her coz she always ask me to accompany her drinking nescafe at night.. HAHA :)

*classmates with prof khalil :)

so thats all for today.. till then.. byE! :)


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