Saturday, November 19, 2011

Perak oh Perak

the excitement of going to Perak now isnt the same like the past few weeks.. dulu sangat la tak sabar.. konon sbb happy dpt experience duk jauh.. well, now ..

suddenly i feel regret for not taking degree.. i mean if i decide to take degree now, i could graduate one year earlier... aiyo !!! so stupid..

back then, i was so confident to take diploma after asking some people and evaluating the pros and cons.. but now it seems that everything has going upside down.. haihhh~ bila setan dah mula mencucuk, maka hati pun mula la tak tenang :'( looking at my classmates' status abt degree's fees, confused whether to take the offer or not, have made me more regret..

but then, on the other side, i think maybe i am too concerned abt what people did.. n when i didnt do it, it makes me feel uncomfortable.. so mcm ni lah jd nye.. serba salah... haihhhhhh~ ape2 pon, nasi dah jd bubur... terima je la...

n of course, pengaruh paling terbesar dlm rasa bersalah ini ialah mak saya.. she keeps saying that she'll miss me.. "Nape nina tak amek degree? Umi rasa nina mmg patut amek degree.." haih~ ibuku yg ku sayang.. ni la akibatnya balik at least 2 kali seminggu... dulu2, kalau tetiba rasa nak balik kul 12 malam pon bole.. senang je, setengah jam dah sampai.. dah kat Perak ni, hahaha! mmg tak la.. so throughout this holiday she had warned me many many times to call her AT LEAST twice a week.. hehe.. dun worry la umi.. insyaAllah, i wont forget.. but even if i forget, im sure you'll call me.. hahaha! save credit sikit.. hihi ;P

dear Seri Iskandar, pls find me lots of friends.. ;) especially the one that i can play sport with ;) jogging pon jd la !!!

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