Friday, April 3, 2009

you're changed without u realise

lovely ballerina

she dances everyday

abundant hopes are in her heart

to be such popular PRIMADONA

she practise every single minute

without knowing the word 'tired'

she's such a hardworking lady

that's one of the reason

i admire her so much



she's pretty

as graceful as fawn

her face

as fair as Humaira

but most of all

she's sweet n friendly

n people do love her


but then

she's changed without she realise

her words tell everything

it's like crawling ahead

to this one path that i digust

altho people around

start talking about this lady

i still stand beside her

coz i noe

she doesnt have any intention


dear prima ballerina

how can i tell u

this poem

i use it

as vehicle to pick u up

n take u far away from that path

i dun want to hate u

coz u are the PRIMADONA

n i love u

dear tuuuuuuutttt.. i miss the old u...


An-Zurie Ayesya said...

sab, kau knp nih?

EmmaRaus. said...
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EmmaRaus. said...

tapi kan kan, sape ballerina tersebut?