Monday, November 15, 2010

getting first summon ;)

mampus la..haha! rite now, i have to think a way to tell abah n umi.. a way to make sure they're not angry.. ;p mcm la bole kan? seriously, i can imagine them babbling about this.. aiyoyo! haha! but what else can i do? JUST SMILE N NOD.. "SORRY ABAH ! "

well, it was like this.. petang tadi, i was driving murano.. going back from uitm with wana, settled some things at college.. on the way back, suddenly there was a road block.. ape lagi, i quickly slowed down n prayed may i didnt get into trouble.. but obviously not la kan? i was quite shocked when the policeman asked me to pull over.. so nak tak nak, i pulled over.. i remember my dad advised me, "kalau polis tahan, jangan melawan.. turun kan tingkap. senyum, bagi salam.. ckp ye cik.. ape2 die ckp jawab YA" so yeah! thats what i did.. but i wasnt smile, more like laughing.. haha! maybe because i just couldnt believe that i got my first summon too early.. i mean AT THIS AGE! 18! haha! mintak ampun lagi abah ;P

but luckily that policeman was sporting... if not i may get another summon dan kena gantung lesen, since murano doesnt have P.. fiuhhh~~ thanks bro! wa sayang la sama lu.. haha! sabrina amran, sabrina amran! tobat tak nak bawak laju dah! ;P aicey! ye ke?

"awak ni bawak 101 km/h.. limit die 80 je (-.- ada ke org bwk 80? ) ha! P mana P? haih! takpe la.. yg tu saya tak kira la. awak dari mana? eh eh.. gelak pulak die.. suka awak ek? ni bukan awak yg bayar nanti.. mak awak yg bayar.. ada pakwe tak? jgn suruh pakwe awak plak yg bayar.. belajar mana? oooohh. ok2.. awak bole pergi skg.." ;)

before i went back, i was quite confuse whether should i say thanks or not.. last2 i just gave salam ;p

but pls dun get me wrong ok? i do feel guilty.. n yes! i admit! i love speeding but at that time i didnt mean to do it.. seriously! i thot the limit is 110.. -______-" and i didnt realise that it was already 100 km/h.. even wana agreed with me.. kan wana? coz usually when i drive myVi, steering tu menggeletar.. so bila drive murano, steering tu smoooooth je.. so thats why la.. hehe ;P


EmmaRaus. said...

hahaha terbaek, how i wish i was there too during the summon thingy, hee :D

sabrina said...

kalau ko ada, sure ko gelak je weh... tu je la kitorg mampu buat.. gelak je ;p

Mak Bidan said...

bahye gak en..aku slalu laju je

wana hilton said...

yes my dear. i agree with youu :)