Saturday, November 20, 2010

but not all things we can share.
  • some things is better kept secret for the sake of everyone.
  • some things cannot be told coz they are too deep n too hard to come out from your mouth.
  • some things can drag your life to much more misery once you open your mouth.

im in dilemma. i dunno what should i do. when i keep it, it slowly eat my heart.. when i told people, few minutes after that, i will end up feeling regret n wish that i dun tell them. :'(

Ya Allah! 10 days is like 10 years to us. give us streghth, Ya Allah. n give me guidance to settle things here. :'(


An-Zurie Ayesya said...

byk2 sabar. you can tell people your problems, just choose wisely whom should you share your secrets with :) ni dugaan dari ALLAH, mintak ketenangan dgnNYA k sayang :) ill always be here for you

sabrina said...

yeah! u rite.. thanks babe :')