Thursday, January 31, 2013

Look what I found !!! :D

heeeyyyyloooo bloogggg~

i just accompanied my mom to clinic for medical check up.. and while waiting for her, i read some articles in 'Health Today' magazine.. and guess what i found !!!!!


MUAHAHAHAHAHA !!!! jyeah !!! who is happy as much as i am rite now? yeah baby~~ an article that can finally explains me.. im tired of listening to my mom's nag about me waking up late and nowwww~ i can proudly show my reason for that.. haha! :p

feel free to conclude yourself, but mine would be, "yes sabrina.. feel free to sleep as long as you want.. just jangan sampai terlepas solat :P" hehehe~

as for this one.. i guess we cant be mad at those who have snoring problem.. thats the time when they get 'subur'.. haha!

and this !!! no more running and jogging after this for sure.. after this, i would only walk and walk, take my time enjoy the scenery.. and one more thing.. another reason for me to go out and do some window shopping (or shopping :P) HEHE !!

that's all for today !!! 

THANK YOU HealthToday !!! 
You made my day yeaayyy!!!
oh yeah ! 

one more thing , my mom is alright, Alhamdulillah.. but the doctor asked her to slim down a bit.. haha! lucky me, i didnt follow her meeting the doctor since she said 'tak payahlah..' kalau tak, dgn eden2 sekali kena kot :P but still.. as anak mithali, i need to support my mom, together slim down.. yeaahhh!!! JOM UMI !!!!
 *padahal bape kali dah azam mcm ni :P kikiki.. bole ke kita mi ;)

me and my mom !!!
kami memang besar tapi kami comel :)

p/s : pls dont follow my ajaran sesat.. hehe! :p  live a healthy lifestyle, people !!!  take care of your health !!

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