Wednesday, January 9, 2013

thank you my dearie angels, thank you Allah :)

thanks to Allah for giving me these two angels in my life.. i have know idea how can they still be kind to people eventho those people did bad things to them before.. sometimes, i even scolded them for being such stupid and naive.. how can they forgive and ignore what those people did to them.. how can they still treat them nicely.. treat that person's family nicely...

and this is what they told me..

no matter what, we cannot be mean to them.. we cant hate too much, because soon who knows it might be us who will be like them.. anytime, Allah can reflect that person's behavior to us if He wants to (mintaklah agar dijauhkan).. and i am sure none of us will want people to hate us.. so you see.. be good to people.. we will never know the future.. we might need their helps.. we might suddenly miss them... and keeping too many grudge is a HUGE waste and will only cause heartaches.. forgiving and forgetting is hard but the result? it can bring huge happiness.. only happy people can attract more happy people around, so less stress... kalau monyok, sape nak kawan? Allah is Almighty.. thats why the only way to overcome anger is to share it with people who close to us... someone who can listen and can be trusted... TRUST is the most important key.. yes, maybe some case will require time but dont take too long because you might lose a lot of things in your life.. 

thats all for now, happy Wednesday people !! btw, it's Pink Day at Baskin Robbin :)

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