Saturday, October 17, 2009

the proposal

i just watched THE PROPOSAL just now. yay! i totally fall in love with this movie. irresistable story. cant stop watching it. now, i already watched it twice. n still, i never get bored. hahaha. there are some parts that i need to 'forward', but the others were perfect. i like to see ryan reynold n sandra bullock. n i think 'their combination' was superb great. kiki. so sweet. this story actually tell us that LOVE is blind n makes anything possible. n of course, fallin love wit ur boss, is kind of last-thing-to-do. but still, if it happens though, why not? just make sure that she/he doesnt bring that bossy attitude at home. just like one in my house. never stop praising himself. yeah! mr. boleh lah katakan. kiki. well, again! just wanna show my excitement about this movie, n i, sabrina amran would like to suggest u to watch this movie, especially for those girls out there, who doesnt watch this movie yet. MUST WATCH MOVIE! enjoy!


An-Zurie Ayesya said...

ye? nape aku rse cam bosan jee..kau tgk kat mana?

sabrina said...

aku tgk kat rumah lah
pinjam cd anis