Tuesday, January 5, 2010

aku sudah tua :(

wah! sedih bila mengenangkan masa2 kat sekolah. guess, i really have to accept the fact that i'm no longer secondary school student anymore. waaaa~

the spirit of going to school to see my friends, to meet my fav teacher (pn zaharah saad)... the unforgettable mr ganesh. my 5k class which kinda popular at my time.. those are the things that i can never forget. the 'punching' feeling that i had everyday whenever i saw those 'budak belakang'. seriously man! bcoz of those boys, it made me kinda anti-guys for such a long time. sampai emma ngan aza pon naik takot. hahaha :D
today... suprisingly, i wake up, together with faan n eja. n about to take bath at 6.30 am. kiki. can u believe it? yup! i'm SO SCHOOL-SICK man! luckily, i was still able to preserve my sanity. or else, i will end up in SMKTM, sitting at canteen, waiting for emma, with my old uniform. hahaha. cant imagine that!
but still, i'm so glad that i'd passed through certain things that i really hate damn much during school. SPM, PMR, collecting names, exam marks n money, directing people to do their duty, decorating the buletin board. adoi! LEGA GILE NYAH! AWWWW!
before i go, i just wanna thank all of u for being my friends, my gossip-partner n so on. dun care whether we never talk at all or never stop talking or even glance once, i just want u to know that i'm so thankful to have u guys in my life n i pray that we all have the best of luck in our lives. :) chiau...

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