Saturday, January 30, 2010

DRiiiiivinnnngggg crazy !@#$%^%$#@!

tomorrow, i have to go for my drivin class. yay! guess, i really need to work excessively hard. since its gonna be my last class. huh~ pretty scary. everytime, when i think about it, feels like my tummy is going to burst! boooooom!

tomorrow, im pretty sure that the car will break down, as usual. especially masa nak naik bukit. mmg suwey betol. hate it! but then, it just temporary. wait till i past the test. then i can ride MyFerraRed. hihi. no more clutch, no more gear, no more L license. pls know that my pic looks sucks. like foreigner. coming from Mars. my eyes, my tudung. ALL SUCKS! grrr~ this is all bcoz of that lady. huh -__-'

whatever it is. i really need to get ready for the next class. better clear my mind from any negative thoughts n calm down. hehehe. well, i have this serious problem, where i always think about accidents. -__-' whenever im about to start engine. ish3. just dun be like me ok? or else, u'll suffer listening to ur teacher's 'lecture' all the way in that car. giving u more stress. !@#$^&*!@# -__-'

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