Monday, May 24, 2010

flash mob dance addict

currently, im addicted to flash mob dance.. wooohooo~~~ it was FUN, watching them dance.. smart gile kot.. it spread from few to lots of people.. :)) well, the latest one held in Malaysia was Glee Flash Mob Dance at The Gardens, Mid Valley.. n i found Mustika n Elin in one of the videos.. haha.. however, still nothing can beat Black Eyed Peas Concert in Chicago.. SMART SANGAT2!!!! check out these videos :)

best kan? ;)


Faz ! said...

yg BEP kt oprah tu gile unbelievable doee o_0
camne bole begitu synchronize?? perghh

sabrina said...

they practiced few days before la.. hehe.. tengok la other links.. ;)