Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sharing is caring :)

last night, before i went to sleep, i read this reader's digest magazine, that i
found under my bed -_-".. since the cover was a photo of datuk sharifah mazlina,
so i decided to read her article first.. in conclusion, what i would like to
share with you guys here is one of her new year wish which, i think, is kind of

'" i wish less anger in society. people seem to hate easily; there's a lot of negativity around. it's easy to be influenced by the people around us.... if u cant beat them, leave them. surround urself with positive people who will help you grow, not drag u down.. "

i honestly dunno why am i so eager to share this thing with u guys.. hehe.. but who knows? everyone has problems with people around them.. so if that happens to u rite now, haa.. this advice is absolutely perfect for u to refer as a motivation to splash ur worries away.. yeah! now i sound like a psychologist..haha ;p but seriously! my intention is only to help u.. jadi renung2 kan dan selamat beramal ;)

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