Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i dun wanna comment much on uber cup coz the result was, to be honest.. hehe.. PREDICTABLE.. well, we have to admit that China is unbeatable.. n the malaysian players, most of them are still new.. so i dun mind.. but still, hopefully, tomorrow they can give their best n good fight against indonesia.. hmm.. i bet tomorrow there will be a lot of indonesians berkampung kat stadium.. woohooo!! mst kecoh between supporters.. *kening2

hmmm... talking about thomas cup pulak.. today was a bit frustrating.. kalah kat jepun.. adoiyai!!! the worst part was the double; fairuz-zakry... THE SHITTEST GAME I'VE EVER SEEN, DID U NOE THAT? it was so obvious that u guys are not sebulu anymore.. as a professional, u should control ur emotion during game.. ni tak.. fairuz! seriously it was so damn rude to blah just like that.. kan dah kena boooo... panas je.. dah la buat hal kat negara sendiri.. memalukan.. markah pulak mmg out la.. x da fight langsung.. (cey!! senang ckp ek? HAHA ;P )

n last but not least is HAFIZ HASHIM!!! seriously, the first set was terribble.. but the next two games were spectacular.. at least u dragged him to rubber set kan? so ok la.. coz i was expecting worse.. HAHA.. despite that, i still think that u could win that game if u gave him more sharp n harder smashes... u have the advantage what? tinggi, handsome.. nak tambah jugak kan? :p ni aku rasa mcm bola tu "alaaaaaa comelnya die jatuh".. HAHA.. hopefully tomorrow u can play better.. i will always support u :) GO HAFIZ!!

chong wei n koo-tan.. U GUYS ARE THE BEST.. woooohoooo.. caiya la! wa manyak suka ;)

p/s : encik pengulas hasbullah awang.. sbg peminat setia, saya rasa anda still maintain x bole blah mcm dulu jugak.. HAHA.. x bole nak benti gelak dengar ko bercakap.. :D

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