Tuesday, October 11, 2011

girls.. WE HAVE BRAIN !!!

hey people ! i just got back from UiTM Shah Alam this afternoon.. just finished my third semester n probably would be the last semester in Shah Alam.. our Pak Jiji said that its confirmed that we will be transferred to UiTM Cawangan, but then, we still dun get any letter... so yeah ! better not saying anything yet... but then, tipu la tak sedih.. semua dah dok peluk2 before balik... bergoodbye segala bagai... haihhhhh~ will write entry abt u guys later.. hehe..

so today, my mom told me abt her best friend who was robbed at her hse.. the worst thing was she lives alone... well, im not going to tell the details but what i want to highlight here, people, is that this robber had forced her to take off her shirt in front of him with a knife pointed to her... thank God, she could calm herself n think of something brilliant... something that a woman should do when facing the 'setan' out there... she peed and defecated... that was what saved her from being raped... Alhamdulillah :)

nak jadikan cerita, luckily the neighbour saw this n called the police AND AND AND he was caught, Alhamdulillah.. ape2 pon, girls.. the moral of the story is even though we are weak, but we must be smart enuf to overcome this.. n for that robber, i pray may u regret and repent :) Allah tu Maha Kuasa.. jadi renung2 kan dan selamat beramal :)

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