Saturday, October 15, 2011

i miss Biology

i dunno what has got into me.. as i tried to find an interesting storybook to read (since Facebook has started to make me bored), i found my SPM Biology book... waaaaaaa~i miss reading them.. i miss learning where the hell did the red blood cell go, where the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange... i miss referring to that book and answering questions, then found out that we were all wrong.. i miss ALL OF THEM !!!!! after went thru the hard work, look at me now.. im taking computer science... where now i have to know what's inside a heartless machine called COMPUTER !!!! damn ! boring boring... tho there are not so many 'organ' in that computer... but believe me, it starts to annoy you when it comes to explain it on a piece of paper... i mean come on... im not computer... i never look inside it.. n my notes are not as colourful as this... I ONLY HAVE BLACK N WHITE WORDS ON MY NOTES (n of course with highlighter) !!! HOW FANCY IS THAT ?! well, i tried to find few diagrams for every topic... but still, the diagram was never clear.. OF COURSE, BECAUSE THE COMPUTER HAVE MANY GENERATIONS.. WHY THEY JUST CANNOT STOP MAKING NEW GENERATIONS HUH?!!!
sorry :( i guess im too scared with my marks..

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