Wednesday, October 26, 2011


i really like this hadith.. i cant agree more.. its not that i hate people who want to advise me.. in fact you are most welcomed especially when it comes to my manner... insyaAllah ill be open-minded to accept it and change.. but then, before that, pleaseeee ensure that U KNOW WHAT U'RE TALKING and advising abt.. n just like what Imam Shafi' said, please do it privately.. it means face to face n not thru wall of facebook n other means that can bring embarrassment to that particular person..

as a person who is older than me, i respect u, remain silent n just listen.. but then, to that person, i just wanna say its a shame when u can only advise but cannot see urself or muhasabah what the other BIGGER MISTAKES that u have done to people around u.. im so sorry.. but what u did is seriously unacceptable.. again, im sorry.. this is also a reminder for me too..

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