Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Kingdom of Solomon

i just finished watching this movie at 2.30 am (hehe.. takda keje :P), n i would like to give 10 THUMBS UP if i had 10.. this movie is superly duperly SUPERB ! This movie tells the life story of Prophet Solomon, the King of Israelites. It is mostly based on the Islamic accounts of Solomon's prophetic life extracted from the Holy Qur'an but it also draws upon parallels found in some Jewish texts. (ok.. this one i got it from wikipedia.. hehehe..)

those days people were fighting so hard to bring peace and 'clean' this world from Jinns and Satans.. so yeah, let me warn that better tengok pagi2 because its kinda creepy especially the part when the people got lunatic and demonic... it looks DAMN REAL... wooohooo~ so far, i cried almost every time.. hahaha! n i think the part when Nabi Sulaiman lost his wife and his son was the most devastating... may peace be upon him and his family..

p/s : credit to my classmate, Umar Rasydan for introducing this movie :)

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